Sega Rally Interview

CVG Interviews Sega Rally developer Guy Wilday about the PS3 version of the new Sega Rally game.

"PlayStation 3 is very sophisticated and innovative, although it always takes a while to get your head around a new platform. But we've got a pretty good understanding of what the machine is capable of now. And we've done exactly what we wanted to do - this is what a next generation Sega Rally should look like. And the more games we produce, the better they'll be as we get more used to the machine. It's very exciting."

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marionz4263d ago

will sega stuff this one up too? seems like VF is the onle sega game with any quality control now days, i loved the old sega rally games so they betta do a good job! i have little faith in sega now though, especially after sonic! get this wrong sega and thaats the last nail in your coffin!

MaximusPrime4263d ago

more more games coming to PS3 woooo.

Sega rally sounds good. I like rally games. This will be brill on PS3. Keep 'em coming!

eques judicii4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

or did I just dream that up? i'm pretty sure that this is cross platform though, they had it on display for the 360 at E3 2006

Violater4263d ago

trust SEGA anymore, ther really used to be my pick even in the Nintendo wars days.
Now they seem so biased towards MS