Sony Calls CMA’s Revised Decision “Surprising, Unprecedented, and Irrational”

Sony calls the CMA's revised decision about the Microsoft-Activision deal's console gaming SLC "surprising, unprecedented, and irrational."

sparky77171d ago

Sony is correct about one thing it is unprecedented. Only one other time in the history of the CMA have they revised their findings and that is also the only example in the history of the CMA where they have accepted behavioural remedies.

CMA has egg on their face right now so it will be very hard for from them not to approve.

ElendilsSorrow171d ago

I feel like the very explicit legal terms MS has been repeatedly offering somewhat guarantee in the short term that COD on PS won't be affected. Obviously can't discount any shadier means MS chooses to employ (and it's very much capable of that), but the whole transaction is being treated with unnecessary vitriol at present

darthv72171d ago

If we look at this objectively... MS has no reason to jeopardize their relationships with any 3rd parties or other platforms. Their whole intention is to be a service provider. it's what they have done with Windows. Being the biggest PC OS in the world allows for them to make $$ off the plethora of users and content creators that release their wares for Windows. It should be no surprise they are doing the same with the Xbox platform. I fully feel they will be a 3rd party by the end of the decade. Now that doesnt mean they wont still have their own platform... it just means they will cater to anyone who is wanting what they offer.

Anyone familiar with SNK knows they had their own Arcade/Home platform but also released games for other platforms through licensing. Sega had their own platform as well but due to mismanagement, they had no choice but to go 3rd party. MS will do the best of both. they will continue to have their own platform(s) while also offering up support to others who are interested. No way would they want to jeopardize the all mighty $$ by sabotaging one version over another.

sinspirit171d ago


Why do you repeatedly ignore concrete counter arguments and still spam the same attempts to sway people's opinions? This is trolling.

darthv72170d ago

@sin... concrete counter arguments...? You mean the same FUD people have been spreading, like spam. THAT is trolling.

This is just stating an objective opinion.

sinspirit170d ago


What is FUD about people stating the obvious counter argument to your statement above? You state they wouldn't jeapardize 3rd party relationships.. Yet, they just did this with Bethesda after they stated their aim was not to take games away from other platforms. They directly removed games from potentially coming to Sony platforms that obviously without any doubt would be on their platforms if not for any intervention.

Are you going to respond and say they can't remove games that never were in development/announced for PS5? This is an extremely shady and disingeniuous argument I've seen on here, like with StarField, and with future Elder Scrolls and FallOut titles that were never technically *in development*, according to public knowledge, for PS5, so they must not have been removed.

170d ago
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agnosticgamer170d ago

You realize the job of the CMA isn’t to protect the market leader in the industry right?

Extermin8or3_170d ago

No it's to protect the market in general and it just so happens ehat NS wants is a monopoly where everyone has to use their services in some form - that is bad for the industry.

agnosticgamer168d ago (Edited 168d ago )


So if the market share between Sony and Microsoft flips as a result of this purchase. Is it then a monopoly? And if it is considered a monopoly why is it not considered one now? Why do Jim Ryan and Sony fans think Gaming Hell Freezes over if they aren't in the number #1 spot or dominating? Sony has plenty of a market share lead at this point and it will make things tighter and spur greater competition, even if that means Sony responds with a big purchase of their own. COD at a minimum will still be available not only on the PlayStation but Nintendo and a host of cloud streaming sites including Steam for the next decade after the deal goes through. And Ryan running around saying Activision will purposely make an "inferior" version on PlayStation just makes him look like a lunatic.

It's not like everyone is all of a sudden going to have to buy an Xbox to play Call of Duty. I just think Sony and Microsoft are being ridiculous in trying to make themselves seem so hopeless and weak. Especially Sony trying to pretend they don't have an OVER 50% market share of the gaming sector between PlayStation V. Xbox

Bobertt170d ago

They got that Microsoft money that's why they changed their minds.

King_Noctis170d ago

If it is that easy then why didn’t MS just bribe them in the first place and get this deal done a long time ago?

sinspirit170d ago


Not to fuel any conspiracies of shadiness, but if it went through with no trouble it would be even more suspicious

Dreisdest170d ago

All of you Sony kids care far too much about this acquisition.

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XiNatsuDragnel171d ago

I think Sony is right where Activision games can be and will be taken away from playstation gamers with this deal being approved easily.

Lifexline171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Is that not supposed to happen? MS did spend 70 billion dollars what are they supposed to do make activision games PlayStation exclusive? Obviously there will be activision games that will be exclusive with the exception of call of duty and maybe a couple others. That’s what I don’t get of Sony they seem to only care about call of duty which is understandable but what about the other big games.

That’s why they are buying them thought it was obvious guess not. Sony needs to get over it. All signs seem to point to it being approved they need to focus on making sure call of duty releases on parity with the Xbox version at this point.

Rude-ro171d ago

Cod is part of the argument but not the entirety of concern…
Due to the install base of said game, it serves as the catalyst to

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__SteakDeck__170d ago

@Lifexline They did say “When we all play, we all win”

Lifexline170d ago

@gamereal isn’t that what business is trying to always get more customers??? By taking it away from the competition which is why most businesses offer better services, deals, that sort of thing to persuade customers to come to their business

are they really going to be harmed thought is anyone literally going to die? I feel all these buying sprees they are going on is more about positioning for next gen. So when consumers do decide to buy a co sole they choose Xbox. It’s pretty smart at least that’s what I feel Phil Spencer is trying to do.

blacktiger170d ago

Activision is a public company, I don't think you know what that mean

Extermin8or3_170d ago

Due to the instal base of COD its easiest one to argue but its the example rather than the rule. I've seen them refer to activision owned IP repeatedly in their arguments and not just COD COD is the one the media has discussed most.

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DarXyde170d ago

At this point, it's up to Sony.

Sony would likely be required to allow XGP on PlayStation which I do not think Sony should do. They only really seem concerned with Call of Duty, so the way I see it, Sony needs to refocus their efforts: make your own. It's far easier to compete with a single, very profitable franchise than it is to compete with everything.

Microsoft told PlayStation to make their own. Okay, go for it. Make a better game. Not as hard as it looks because Call of Duty is popular, but I think you can find plenty of objections to it being "the best". When Halo or Destiny drops, you don't really hear much about Call of Duty. It's an afterthought and people seem to rely on it to fill holes.

So Sony has a choice here. They have very talented devs and they can make a far better game than Call of Duty. That's the one thing Microsoft has said in all of this that's believable, so I would say take them up on that. Make a better game, and keep Call of Duty on your platform (outside of XGP) for now. Eventually, Microsoft is going to do what Microsoft does and pull the rug out. Unquestionably and I would put money on that.

So.... Give them what they want. Got no choice, really.

BandarHub171d ago

Cannot wait to see the Irrational ways in which Sony blocks off Japanese games on the Xbox.

Jin_Sakai171d ago

Xbox gamers don’t buy Japanese games anyways hence low sales being one of the reason Square isn’t releasing games on Xbox as of late.

On top of that I keep reading Xbox games saying they can keep their games so there’s another reason you’re not getting more Japanese games.

BandarHub171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

Don't give me that rubbish...PlayStation gamers don't buy games either

Like a Dragon: Ishin!, 35,897 copies sold on PlayStation 4 and 31,439 copies on PlayStation 5, total of 67,336 copies sold.
Octopath Traveler II, 14,422 sales on PlayStation 5 for a total of 68,417 copies sold
Valkyrie Elysium, with over 40,000 units sold in total, over 23,000 of which came on the PS4, and 17,000 on the PS5.
Star Ocean must have been in the 40k range as well.

Those are really bad numbers for a console that claims to have a lot of gamers who play Japanese games.

Back in the day when publishers had to print off disk, there could be a cased made for a reason since they cost money but now since digital games have taken more of the market share of game sales, there are zero reasons why they don't port the games at least digitally. Porting a game cost nothing nowadays and out of the 30 Million Xbox gamers out there they could easily make additional 10k-100k sales
It's funny because Japanese developers in the last few years have been comfortable porting games to Xbox, persona 5, ni no kuni, yakuza, final fantasy, and tales.
But since the FF remake exclusivity deal with Square, they have been reluctant to release any of there games.

With Sony making shady deals with Capcom involving Resident evil Village and not allowing it to be on gamepass. I am positive that the same thing is happening at Square.

Obscure_Observer171d ago (Edited 171d ago )

"Xbox gamers don’t buy Japanese games anyways hence low sales being one of the reason Square isn’t releasing games on Xbox as of late."

SE never said that. It´s just PS fanboy narrative to justify Sony´s dirty shady practices in Japan. If japanese games don´t sell on Xbox, then why pay millions to make it exclusive to PS5 like Sony is doing? Doesn´t make any sense and you know it.

As the investigations advance, more and more global regulators comes to realize that Sony has been doing for a long time, the exact same thing they´re accusing Microsoft of.

This deal will pass thru and Sony will be the only one left begging MS to allow COD to continue on Playstation thanks to their arrogance and dishonesty at the top of an high level of stupidity!

343_Guilty_Spark171d ago

Well that’s not true. They do just not as much as PlayStation but that could be partially explained by Sony being a Japanese console developer and their longer term history/partnerships with Japanese developers such as Namco, Altus, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix etc etc.

Jin_Sakai171d ago


You guys can come up with all the excuses you want but the reality is Xbox are the ones losing out on Japanese games.

170d ago
TOTSUKO170d ago


FF7 remake? It sold faster than God of war and Spider man it’s first 3 days.

1)The games you listed are multi platform and aren’t blue chip titles even Congress is arguing.

2) The games you listed that are ported to Xbox are. In which you just made an argument for Sony.

3) MS is bad with Japanese developers in general. Their Japanese exclusive with Platinum gets canceled and Shinji Mikami leaves Tango Gameworks like wtf? MS needs to work on themselves

170d ago
King_Noctis170d ago

Games don’t release on Xbox.

N4G: That because Xbox don’t buy gaems

Games don’t release on PS.

N4G: whaaaaattt? What a stupid anti consumer move.

Lmao N4G. Never change.

derek170d ago

@Bandar don't be ridiculous this not a matter for debate. Playstation sells the most 3rd party games, western, Japanese, Asian, of the big 3 by far. It's only gotten worse with the introduction of gamepass.

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MadLad171d ago

The same way they're doing it now lol. Money. Just like how Microsoft is in turn; money.