Revisiting Vgchartz Predictions for Hardware Sales Worldwide in Nov & Dec

In November, Vgchartz predicted hardware sales for the six gaming platforms for November 2 to December 27 . That data is now available on the site. The article from November anticipated that the Americas market would see over 15 million units of hardware sold in the eight week period. An even larger volume of hardware was expected to be sold in the Others region – over 18 million units. Japan in contrast was forecast to see nearly 3 million units of hardware sold. Worldwide, over 37 million units of hardware were forecast to be sold. Read on to see how close the predictions were to reality.

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Sonyslave35443d ago

nothing to c here move along

thereapersson5443d ago

Is it really that much harder to type "see" instead of "c"?

TOO PAWNED5443d ago

I don't think he knew how to write "see" before you just told him

mint royale5443d ago

You clicked on the link to post that? Did you read the article? Hmm... oh dear.

gaffyh5443d ago

What are these numbers from? Are they just the usual VGChartz guesstimates or from NPD, Gfk, MediaCreate?

WhittO5443d ago

does it really matter he typed "c" instead of "see" ?

I mean, you still understood what he meant and its not like what he's typing is getting marked or something.

People dont have to write in full for you, if you dont like it dont read it.

whoelse5442d ago

The PS3 would be performing so much better if the economy was where it was a year ago. Kaz Hirai (spelling?) said that the PS3 would be very little effected by the poor economy but he was very much mistaken. I wouldn't be surprised if Sony drop the price very soon, perhaps before Killzone 2.

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pushergreen5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

hate to see a good console fail but that is looking like a possibility. Hopefully 09 will pick up for sony if not......KZ2 is sonys last hope, if this game fails it may well be over for the PS3 sadly.

Well Fish I said it was a "possibility" maybe i should have said "remote possibility", secondly I never said I want the PS3 to fail, I don't, having two hd consoles duke it out has been good for gamers on both machines. But It would be foolish not to see that Sony is in a bit of a pickle. Loosing money on each console sold may be ok as long as you have a high attach rate but that does not seem to be the case. Anyhow 08 is done 09 will hopefully bring gamers, developers and hardware manufactures success on both machines. Fck the Wii!

Fishy Fingers5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

How anyone can consider selling nearly 20 million units of anything in 2 years a failure is beyond me (well lets be fair, 9/10 of "those" comments are attention seeking and little more)

KZ is Sonys last hope huh, recall people saying the same thing about countless games. The PS3 may have been out sold by the 360 since it's price cut but it's going no where, and honestly, when people wise up to that perhaps we can all get back to concentrating on games rather than playing at cooperate loyalists. Perhaps...

mint royale5443d ago

its just the way things seem to be. PS3 at 19 million is doing brilliantly as is the 360 at 27 million. Even the is flamed and disregared even though it is the most successful console ever and approaching 50 million units sold.

Sevir045443d ago

Being an "Overpriced" Gaming machine, priced higher than it's competition and releasing one year after it's competitor with less game, always gets over looked. but selling 19 million worldwide in 2 years with all the backlash and badmouth from industry professionals industry bias, industry fanboys, and fanboys, and most recently journalist in other industries, like CNN and NewYork Times, is an austounding feat, i dont think any other company but sony could have pulled this off, with having built up it's fanbase across teh board, with 3 previous playstation products and it's now flagship successor it's fair to say that Sony's PS3 will be supported vigorously through out it's progected ten year Cycle, and likely as 2009 goes on The products of sony's labor will will harvest and give them a closer competitive edge For them this year and the years to come.

solidt125443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

I think the PS3 prediction show how a bad economy can really throw off predictions. The economy went from bad to worse in Novemeber, or did every one forget that already. Those higher than expected sales of the Wii and Xbox 360 could of been potential PS3 sales if the Economy was better.

sak5005442d ago

Original xbox sold 20-25million before being thrown in the bin. OVerall sales doesnt matter in most cases when bigger issue is revenue or loss, which determines life of a product. HOw much is sony willing to keep losing on ps3 is the question?

The argument of VG charts favoring 360 console is shot down by this report. Need to bookmark it for future references. Teh sony lovers always complained about VG under projecting sony and over projecting 360 sales numbers. See the only 3 platforms which were way below their projections were sony's. Ninty and MS over achieved the projections. Looks good for both companies. I'm sure Devs and industry watchers are busy looking at these figures and planning their projects.

Just glad that i got in the HD gaming in jan 06 with no regrets and looks like made the right choice.

hitthegspot5442d ago

Bubble for you. They over estimated all of Sony and just the DS. However Nintendo DS can be explained that people most likely are waiting for the new DSi. On the same note, PS3 could claim that people are waiting for a price cut...

sak5005442d ago

Tnx hittingthespot, bubbles back. I remembered one site nextgen wars or something, wonder whats the figure that site is showing. SDF used to lable the site as MS funded as well.

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PS360PCROCKS5443d ago

wow if those numbers are true the PS3 got STOMPED big time by the Wii, almost doubled up by the 360, and the 360 got doubled up by the Wii, wow. Although to be fair Sony did sell 8 Million if you throw in PSP and PS2. But I'm sure Microsoft sold millions of Windows based PC's, but I digress, the PS3 just got hammered the end of this year.

thewhoopimen5443d ago

MS doesn't sell sell windows pcs. Pc manufacturers do. Sony is a pc manufacturer as well.

PS360PCROCKS5442d ago

Um duh but they make money off those manufacturers

thewhoopimen5442d ago

Don't say something "duh" then and I wouldn't have to correct you.

InMyOpinion5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

Projected PS3 sales 4,577,574
Actual PS3 sales 2,759,977

Projected 360 sales 4,489,987
Actual 360 sales 4,863,442

Projected Wii sales 9,113,293
Actual Wii sales 9,752,542

Looks like both the 360 and the Wii did better than expected while the PS3 did a little worse.

Hiruma Youchi5443d ago

Lmao @ the way you putted that last phrase.

But I see where your coming from. VG are always called X360 fanboys and now people can actually see that they projected good numbers for the ps3. and look what happenned.

thewhoopimen5443d ago

I think VG's numbers were fair considering that everyone in the industry expected Sony to price drop in order to compete for the holiday season. Sony didn't because of the strong yen exacerbating losses on each ps3 unit sold worldwide due Western market recessions. Hopefully their preservation gambit was worth it because now they have to price cut into a slower sales season. Did they turn a profit for the quarter? Looks like they did, so let's see what they do next in this critical period.

Dread5443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )


be careful, what u say

this is n4g u might offend the sony defense force. they know the "real truth" and eventhough the numbers say otherwise the reality is that plasytation 3 did much better that the 360...

thir excuses will explain everything here is a sample:

playstation did much better considering the price

vcharts is biased towards 360

ms paid vcharts so the numbers are incorrect

everyone is hating on playstation and it is not fair becasue Sony can do no wrong

world wide sales are much better for playstation

playstation has had better sales overall worldwide for the first two years

etc etc etc

dont worry sony defense force and sackboys alike i have got ur back

Kill Crow5443d ago

There projections aren't that far of the actual ... so why do people have such a HUGE distrust for them? It's projections so it's never going to be perfect, but as has been shown it's not far off ...

what is the real problem?

PirateThom5443d ago

Their numbers are way off.

If you look at their front page, every single console is way overtracked.

solidt125443d ago (Edited 5443d ago )

Actually some games are way off from actual sales at times and they never correct them. Like Motorstorm 2 and MGS 4. That is why people think they are biased. I remember a article from Konami stating MGS 4 hit 4.5 million sales and at the time Vg Chartz had like a 3.7 million. Motorstorm 2 hit 1 million and right now vgchartz says like half that amount.