Dead Island 2 Trophy List Revealed

Dead Island 2 Trophy List Revealed. Check out all 46 trophies & achievements for Dead Island 2 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

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REDGUM238d ago

A good list of trophy's here, all gettable throughout the gameplay experience without any silly ones like complete the game ultra hard etc which is nice.

Looking forward to this game at the end of the month. Don't really care how she rates in the reviews, I enjoyed the 1st game so I think this one will sit nicely for me too.


Dead Island 2 Black Friday deals 2023 - 50% of the price hacked off at Amazon

Ben writes: "Here's the best prices we've found so far for Dead Island 2 on Black Friday, including half price for the game at Amazon."

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30 Amazing PS5 Games You Need to Play (2023 Edition)

Sony's console delivers some of the best games and exclusives after launch. Here are 30 of the absolute best titles as of 2023.

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Abnor_Mal16d ago

30 clicks to see 30 games, with only half a paragraph worth of information for a game judging by the first on the list. No thanks.


Dead Island 2: Haus (DLC) Review - Join the Cult | COGconnected

Haus is the first DLC for the zombie killing action game, Dead Island 2, and takes place not far from the base game's zombified Los Angeles.

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