Cyberpunk 2077 | Ray Tracing: Overdrive Mode - 4K Technology Preview Reveal Trailer

Making Cyberpunk 2077 even more impressive looking, but more GPU intensive comes Cyberpunk 2077 Ray Tracing Overdrive Mode (releasing April 11th).

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masterfox179d ago

Man I remember the times several several years ago when PC gaming brag about native high resolution realtime awesome visual effects on high framerates, but now is all about downgrading resolution in games to maintain high framerates and cinically brag is 4k resolution like if it was native resolution, and on top of that you still need to shell out more than 2000 dlls for a GPU to deliver that "4k "visuals at high frame rates. well that sucks!

just_looken179d ago

Through this is about ray tracing and not dlss i know what you mean when i saw dynamic resolution tech being used late ps4 i was like oh no.

Now you got ps5/xbox players playing at 1290p native or some weird low res but dynamic res makes it 1440p or 4k then they brag about there consoles having more power than a 4090.

I miss the days when it was pc first then port to console cybperpunk was butchered do to content not being allowed over lawsuits and the weak consoles at the time they should have never made it for hard disc drive using ps4/xbox one.

Oh also i love how sony still has on the box that there ps5 is a 8k gaming monster yet only a few titles can do 4k native ha ha.

Stanjara179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Dude, PC as a main developing platform wasn't the case since Xbox 360.
PC dominated with 1080ti.

But going into ps4/one generation, consoles are main platform and PC ports started to be borked.

Consoles make more money for publishers.

Now days, shader compilation is absolutely ridiculous nerf for PC gaming.

dumahim178d ago

"Oh also i love how sony still has on the box that there ps5 is a 8k gaming monster yet only a few titles can do 4k native ha ha."

Funny that Sony does it, but no mention of it also being on the Series X box?
Also, it doesn't say 8K gaming, it just says 8K, which it does support, so why wouldn't they put that on the box?

Giblet_Head179d ago

It's like your trolling is getting aggressively lazier.

just_looken179d ago

i said 40 not 30 track me down kill me ffs


Its simple to find

Giblet_Head179d ago


I clearly was not responding to you.

--Onilink--179d ago

You probably remember some very selective conversations then, because if anything, the vast majority of PC gamers (and you can back this up from Steam user data) will tell you that they prefer really high framerates and tweaking settings over just a high resolution.

just_looken179d ago

we are not talking about 4k or 8k but native resolutions.

If your running a fancy 1080p monitor then you should be running 1080p native but if you turn dlss on then you will get 900p upscale garbage.

Native monitor resolution will always be better than some ai upscale garbage tech.

native resolution first then adjust setting for best performance.

--Onilink--179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Dlss 2 at quality an even sometimes in Balanced mode has already proven to be just as good if not better than native resolution in tons of cases. It reduces a lot of the shimmering you can find in native lower resolutions and improves visual clarity for text and other small details.
Even FSR2, which is not quite as good as DLSS2 is practically indistinguishable from native resolutions unless you are zooming in to the image

You just sound incredibly biased on this topic, as if we were still in DLSS1 and FSR1 quality levels and I cant quite understand why. Practically everyone in the PC Gaming industry agrees DLSS2 is amazing .

Also, you speak as if native resolution was its own thing, but when you dont run dlss, you still have to use other AA methods, which have their own drawbacks compared to DLSS or DLAA. I certainly hope you arent also suggesting that native resolution with no AA is supposed to be the better option

just_looken178d ago

I use anti aliasing of course

In my own experience on a large 4k display (50 inch) with 30 series dlsss looks worse than native.

DaMist179d ago

Can't wait to try this come the 11th. The trailer looked really good.

Psychotica178d ago

Same here, most things my 4090 doesn't even break a sweat..

Espangerish178d ago

My 4090 rarely even turns its fans up...but this game is gonna make it cry.

SDuck178d ago

wtf was that shot of a character running in 3rd person?

anast178d ago

Great game. I can't wait for more.


Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Trophy & Achievement Guide

Our Phantom Liberty Trophy and Achievement guide is here to help you earn all 15 new Trophies/Achievements added to Cyberpunk 2077!

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Cyberpunk 2077's Night City is now undeniably the best looking open-world city to-date

CG writes: In this video we take a drive around Night City’s freeway after the release of the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty expansion (no spoilers) and 2.0 update. Nvidia introduced DLSS 3.5 alongside path tracing which when combined with ray tracing makes Night City’s lighting and shadows spectacular. It’s now undeniably the best looking open-world city environment we’ve seen to-date. It’s a shame there is limited interactions for the player, but still when things look this gorgeous, who cares right?

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Ristul18h ago

Damn, looks great. I hope this game gets the same comeback story as No Mans Sky did, CD Project Red can work it's magic on this title I'm sure.

bunt-custardly18h ago

Didn't they say 2.0 and Phantom Liberty were the final major updates for this game as they shift onto the sequel?

THEzRude13h ago

Yee, they ditch their engine and start to use UE5 from now on.

BrainSyphoned15h ago

They killed the road map for the game. Night City will never develop further for story and missions. Unknown where the next game will take place.

zeuanimals8h ago

Well. It's gotta be Night City. It's central to the Cyberpunk world. Most of the world doesn't really operate like NC does. That's what gives it its gameplay potential, the fact that city is beyond fucked with gangs, corps and everyone else just trying to get their own slice of the pie all to end up as filling for the next pie.

Sonic188117h ago(Edited 17h ago)

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and Baldur's Gate 3 is the best Western RPG out right now. No other Western rpgs comes close this year. Looking forward to patch 2.1 for cyberpunk

bunt-custardly17h ago

Wouldn't get too excited for 2.1 they might be saying "Remember that these are just the highlights, so stay tuned for more details!" but if there was anything notable they would have said already. Seems like a basic fixer update to me.

Sonic188117h ago(Edited 17h ago)

I agree with you on the update but Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty is getting well received. I really enjoying this new update and this game is almost perfect now. The enemy A.I is top notch the loading screen is faster as well and DLSS works phenomenal. As a matter of fact it just passed up Starfield on Steam in just a few days. I think CDPR learned their lesson


bunt-custardly17h ago

I am stealth/netrunner build who doesn't kill if possible and the opening of PL forces you into combat which I hate with a passion. Luckily once the mini prologue is over I am really loving the stealth now. Great verticality as well. The fact you cannot hide knocked out enemies means the stealth is far more fun. Good update which makes it feel completely different to the main game.

P_Bomb16h ago

I’ve found that using a gun with an electric proc boosts my netrunning skill. Guess it counts the bolts as a hack? Interesting.

DeusFever16h ago

Better than New York City in Spider-man 2?

Crows9016h ago

Looking forward to jumping in so much. Glad to see so many great games this year. Sure we've had some huge disappointments like diablo 4. But also some great remakes and new games coming.