GameStop Stalking Customers

There's a line where customer service stops and harrassment begins. GameStop has crossed that line.

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PS360PCROCKS4895d ago

wow gamestop that's pretty lame...annoying your customers to sell their games back? Their obviously doing it with the Wii knowing all too well that if they buy it for $35 they'll sell it to someone who buys the system for another $45...that's sad I hate those shops anyways their full of a bunch of idiots telling me what I should and should not get. When I went to buy GRAW the guy talked to me for 20 minutes about how much cooler the PS3 was I hate that.

RelloC4895d ago

They merged both other game stores in my area (Rhino and EB)into their evil web. Now there is no competition and all the prices are fuct. I would personally like to pummel 2 of the store managers for an hour or so. F U Gamestop. F U.

ryanjtravis4895d ago

I generally don't have too many problems with my local Gamestop (besides that one gigantic Gears of War shipping delay), but this is ridiculous.

As the poster suggested, Gamestop has definitely crossed the line.