GamersTemple Review: Space Trader - Merchant Marine

Space Trader: Merchant Marine. The title is pretty much self-descriptive. This is a game that has you ferrying back and forth between planets, buying low and selling high, as you try to amass your fortune. To spice things up a bit, you'll occasionally have the opportunity to collect a bounty on criminals which involves short first-person shooter missions. However, the bulk of your time is spent clicking on various merchants, moving your wares, and then clicking on the next planet to travel to and repeat the process. If it sounds a bit repetitive, that's because it is. Space trading games can be a lot of fun - Freelancer ranks as one of my favorite games of all times - but Space Trader fails to capture the exciting elements of space commerce and leaves you with just the mundane task of hauling cargo back and forth between nondescript star ports.

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