5 reasons NOT to hate PlayStation Home

GameGrep: "I'm not a fan of top lists, but here's one from Neoseeker featured in our Sunday Special. Following all the apparent PlayStation Home hate spreading across gaming communities, unchecked.

What's the big deal? Home isn't so bad, is it? We certainly don't think so. It's not technically a top list, but it is a list."

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Cwalat4201d ago

i dont give a damn about these reasons.
Fact remains...

I haven't entered Home since the first day i tried it.
Yep.. there is nothing to do there... EU home is empty...

so when 20-30 updates have been released.. i might check out what's new...

HDgamer4201d ago

Have you tried to socialize?

Cwalat4201d ago

and your saying socializing is walking around in a 3d world and just talk to strangers?

i have a pretty filled up friendlist, that is enough for me.

Home... imo, was a failure.... waist of time..

HDgamer4200d ago

Your grammar was a waste of time. Anyway that is socializing what is wrong with that now, there are way too many gamers who want to use home only to meet chicks, cyber with them or try to get laid. Only a good few who will use it to socialize, meet new people and play games with them. It's just like the real world except home is through a video game.

Tony P4200d ago

Home is dull right now. Sure you can meet some gamers, but we're on N4G as I type. I can meet a lot more here and with shorter load times. Socializing is the bare minimum experience of Home, the equivalent of a 3D chatroom. That would have been impressive on its own in 1995. Right now, it's not enough.

It's the upcoming extras that should make the experience more interesting like sharing movies, third-party world spaces, events, etc. I believe it's not great currently, but loaded with potential and should improve with each major update.

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Cynical-Gamerzus4200d ago

This is social virtual life,
Gamers play games and dont socialize, especially console people!
So how can we all grasp the concept of life when our life is infront of a screen blowing things up???
Encourage them with Adult themes and fun game in Home!