Devs Explain Reason for Resident Evil Village VR-Specific Immersive Interactions

CAPCOM shared details about Resident Evil Village VR talking about the VR-specific interactions that Ethan Winters had to do in this version.

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Triple-A games are coming to iPhone 15 Pro - And the implications are mouthwatering

Digital Foundry - A compelling unified Apple ecosystem for top-end games takes shape.

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Vengeance11383d ago

You really truly want to play AAA games designed for massive TVs on a 6.1 inch screen?? Where your battery will die in probably less than an hour?
Talk about a compromised experience, zero immersion.

CrimsonWing693d ago

Yea, no, I’d rather play a game on a console with a large TV. Not hunched over holding a phone to my face.

I mean it’s cool that the phone can play these games, but I wouldn’t ever game on a phone.

Charlieboy3332d ago

The implications are zero. Mobile players are into pick up and play titles like Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Bubble Shooter. You know, the kind of games made for killing time by conveniently pulling your phone out of your pocket for some quick levels. It's a completely different market and it blows my mind that some people still don't understand that.

People who are into big budget AAA games do not want play play the worst version where all that glorious detail is squeezed onto a tiny screen with shit touch controls. Sure you can you use a controller backbone, but then where's the convenience that?

So the new Iphone is capable of runnning AAA level games now comparable to console. Big whoop. Do you honestly see people flocking to play, for example, a whole bunch of battery destroying hours in a game such as Baldur's Gate 3 on their phone while taking a dump or at the doctor's office? Surely your phone is the way to go to experience the new Cyberpunk expansion maybe?

Sure, whatever.


iPhone 15 Pro to Get Resident Evil 4 Remake & Village

The iPhone 15 Pro is positioned as a groundbreaking mobile gaming platform, and ports of the most recent Resident Evil won't hurt that image.

MocBistro10d ago

It will be a toned down and half assed port. If you want tp play decent games, buy a Steamdeck for 1/4 of the price.

cluclap10d ago

Uhm... the new iphone will probably be a more powerful than the steam deck bro lol. Hell I think the iPhone 13 or 14 is more powerful than the steam deck

MocBistro9d ago

You are stupid if you believe it. One is a fullblown x64 processors and desktop rated gpu, one is a arm soc. They claimed M1 chip is even or faster than rtx3060. Have you ever played games on the M1 chip?

purple1019d ago

They are about equal in power I believe. 1.6tf vs 1.8tf in iphone

Of course they both slow when they get hot probably.

Bigger really is better after all - in regards to chasis size & its why ps5 looks like it does, it has a masshoosiv heatsink and fan.

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Resident Evil Village Wins Best VR Horror at Fear Fest

Capcom's Resident Evil Village wins the Best VR Horror category at Feardemics Horror Games Awards this past week.

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Babadook714d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Just finished it last week. Absolutely amazing and by far the best experience I’ve had with a game this gen right till the end. Can’t wait for the RE 4 patch.

EvertonFC14d ago

Looking FWD to playing Madison and saw a new game called "relieve" which I hope sells well to get a VR update.