U.S. sues Activision Blizzard over salary limits in esports leagues

The U.S. Justice Department filed an antitrust complaint against Activision Blizzard on Monday over salary limits in professional esports leagues.

Thundercat77240d ago

Another hit!

Right now Activision Blizzard is more corrupt than the Umbrella Company in RE.

Gamer_Dude240d ago

The U.S Justice Department is one of the most corrupt organizations on the face of planet earth.

DarXyde240d ago

I'd like to agree with hotnickels, but the security state and US DoD are up there too.

hotnickles240d ago

They are all the same useless blob of thievery.

-Foxtrot240d ago

Literally just hit after hit at this point

They are being hit from all sides

LostPotato240d ago

So players like other sports which I guess professional gaming is now just want more money. So basically greed.

Deathdeliverer240d ago

So they are making millions off the players but offering them a pittance in return. Got it.

phoenixwing240d ago

Sounds like Activision blizzard at work

PhillyDillyDee239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Your comment actually made me laugh. How is it that yall always seem to find eachother?

Anyway… I do, in fact, understand what a legal settlement is. Do you?

Please show me any legal definition where “settlement” means an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. Now, if you have some actual evidence that they were doing these things you claim please share, otherwise you are just speculating and submitting it as fact.

PhillyDillyDee240d ago

“Under the settlement, which still must be approved by a federal judge, Activision agreed to refrain from putting any caps or limits on salaries of esports players or teams, the department said.”

Got what now? Maybe read the article next time instead of just the headline.

phoenixwing239d ago

Maybe you don't understand a settlement? It means that before abk was capping limits while ranking in money and treating players unfairly. Only after litigation are they changing their tune. Sounds scummy to me on part of abk. Maybe you should use common sense

Deathdeliverer239d ago


Refer to PhoenixWing. Seems like reading, you have down. Comprehension on the other hand…

PhillyDillyDee239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

“ Activision said in a statement, "The tax was never levied, and the leagues voluntarily dropped it from our rules in 2021.”

Lol whats that now? Something about the cart before the horse? Under no legal definition is the term “settlement” an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. Just because you found a few people who are similarly out of touch with the meaning of this article doesnt make any of you correct. Feel free to reach out to me next time if you need any help deciphering 8 whole sentences.

Stanjara240d ago

What a wonderful Bobby's world.

badz149240d ago

why do you think he's pushing for the MS buyout so hard?

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RaidenBlack1d 1h ago

Alien Isolation ... plz, SEGA

Marcello1d ago

Yeah Please SEGA or at least native VR support for Alien Isolation.


Alien VR… you’re sitting on a safe investment opportunity. VR owners are always hungry for new games.

Heck, explore RTS feasibility in VR, too. One hand washes the other…

Don’t chase fortnite.

-Foxtrot20h ago

Alien Isolation II...I beg of you

Continue her story.

XiNatsuDragnel20h ago