CAPCOM Stock Soars to All-Time High After RE4 in a Seemingly Unending String of Success

This Monday, CAPCOM stock reached its all-time high record at 4,865 yen, as noted in a tweet by Japanese gaming market analyst Serkan Toto. CAPCOM shares opened at 4,780 today and have now slightly decreased to 4,840, which is still a 2.22% increase.

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CrimsonWing69179d ago

One of my favorite developers, even going back to the NES days.

chrisx179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Agreed. I don't think I heard any other logo intro sound as I did street fighter 2 turbo intro logo theme on the SNES

SonyStyled178d ago

I still have my og copy from when I was a kid 😂

badz149179d ago

in Microsoft's fashion, maybe Sony should start making calls to Capcom asking if they are for sale?

Lore179d ago

Somy is too cheap. Disappointing

SurgicalMenace179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Sony is far from cheap, their philosophy requires proven ventures with great returns. You'll see very soon and it will all make sense as soon as you see it. I have my suspensions that they're not as concerned with the Activision deal as they're letting on. They want MS to over play their hand, but most people aren't seeing the long play. Just remember the history behind Nintendo's tactics and how those played out. Pretend to be affected, as it's the shots you don't see that do the most damage. Keep watching...🍿

jeromeface179d ago

Sony doesn't have to buy good studios... they create them

Tedakin179d ago

MS bought Bethesda and Activision at low points, not at the all time highs Capcom is currently at.

MadLad179d ago

Capcom is one of the last Eastern publishers I see putting themselves up for sale.

SonyStyled178d ago

What do you see being those of the first?

GoodGuy09179d ago

No. Clearly they're doing well and I doubt they'd want to be bought. Deals will probably be made here and there though like the MHRise switch exclusivity.

badz149179d ago

Bethesda and Activision were both doing well before MS came to buy them. and in ABK's case, MS even willing to pay way above their value. that's why you're seeing Bobby Kotick fighting hard for the buyout to go through

MadLad179d ago


Activision was assessed on their potential during a period of time when they were in a rut. It isn't exactly just a case of paying above market value.
They met in the middle of where stock was before the controversies kept coming out and driving the company's value down. Microsoft paid for the value of the IPs and the staff; not much acknowledging the controversy had under the current management, being they were being replaced after the acquisition.

Sonic1881179d ago

Why? Sony is still dominating. I'll wait to see if Microsoft starts to dominate in a couple of years before buying a publisher

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Asplundh179d ago

SquareEnix might happen, Capcom though? Not likely.

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HeliosHex179d ago

Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

Demetrius179d ago

This and the dead space remake I thought of shown other devs to remake more of our favorites atleast a remaster maybe

XiNatsuDragnel179d ago

Now code Veronica and then re5 remake plz.

Nintentional179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

SJW’s would cancel an RE5 remake so fast today

XiNatsuDragnel179d ago

You right code Veronica first tbh.

MadLad179d ago

They had a stink about it at release.

sadraiden179d ago

2012 called, it wants their bland and unoriginal takes back.