Ark 2 Delayed to 2024; Ark Survival Ascended for Next-Gen Announced and Here Are Its New Features

Ark 2 has been delayed to 2024! Studio Wildcard has also announced Ark Survival Ascended for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. Features list revealed.

Lightning7758d ago

I forgot this was suppose to release this year. This was one of Xbox's timed exclusives also.

Jin_Sakai58d ago


“Phil Spencer dislikes timed exclusives“

“Paying for third-party exclusives isn’t our long term strategy,’ says Xbox’s Phil Spencer“

IamTylerDurden158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

It's been a long term strategy since early 360 days. Mass Effect, Oblivion, Bioshock, Alan Wake, Ryse, Dead Rising, Titanfall, Tomb Raider, Pubg, Sunset O, Quantum, ReCore, The Medium, Call of the Sea, Bright Memory, The Ascent, High on Life, The Gunk, Scorn, Ark, Stalker, and dozens more. Funny how MS acts like this isn't at all part of their equation. They do it, but ppl don't notice bc they can't get the big games anymore due to GP hurting sales.

If you took away the third party deals last gen XB1 probably would've had closer to Wii U numbers. Games like Titanfall, Tomb Raider, and Pubg carried them until they started pushing Gamepass, BC, and Scorpio. XB1 would've nearly died without those games.

Lightning7758d ago

Yeah at THAT time. The whole Tombraider debacle. They stopped doing it over the extreme backlash they got. Only for Sony to do it in spades with no backlash whatsoever so MS decided to start doing it again.

That was nothing more than a grand overreaction from ppl back then. Like it's ok for Sony to do it but not MS at the time.

shinoff218357d ago

Lightning why do you always turn a blind eye like ms to this day doesn't have any 3rd party deals? You will reply to a whole comment but not touch that. That's pretty Phil of you

Learning from ms real good lightning

Lightning7757d ago

"Lightning why do you always turn a blind eye like ms to this day doesn't have any 3rd party deals? "

"Did you not see the part where I said"

"so MS decided to start doing it again."

Clay they are you're literally in article that's a 3rd party exclusive. You need to learn to read.

Obscure_Observer57d ago


I call it fire vs fire!

Did you just expected Phil to turn the other cheek for Sony to slap?

You better expect way more timed and full third party exclusives on Xbox from now on.

Hypocrite PS fanboys will bitch about every timed or full third party exclusives on Xbox but will give Sony a free pass and a tap on the back from doing the exact same thing as they did with FF games, Silent Hill 2: Remake, Stellar Blade (stolen from Xbox by Sony) and KOTOR: Remake.

Sony will reap what they saw.

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IamTylerDurden158d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Despite the stigma that only Sony does timed exclusives, MS had a ton as well this gen. From The Medium to Like a Dragon next gen version, Scorn, High on Life, Ark, Stalker, etc. They just can't get the big games bc GP kills sales.

ZwVw57d ago

Why are you bringing up games like Quantum Break and ReCore in your argument? Those are 1st party ips and they released simultaneously on XB and PC.

jznrpg57d ago

Timed exclusives are so bad ! it’s a conspiracy to keep western games off PS ! /s

shinoff218357d ago

I don't really care about timed exclusives myself. Only the people that have to play just the newest and greatest thing. These days imo I'd rather play games 6 months year after release. Atleast their mostly fixed by then. My backlog is huge. I'm finally playing tales of arise right now.

ocelot0758d ago

I loved ark a few years ago. But now addicted to Rust.

If it had a free upgrade or a discounted upgrade from the PS4 version then I would of dived back in.

GamerRN58d ago

The game was upgraded to PS5 and Series X/S for free...

ocelot0758d ago

Was is? As in a proper ps5 version or like just a resolution bump and fps bump?

Welshy57d ago

@ocelot not even that, the PS5 just performs better via brute force with the original code.

They advertised a next gen overhaul ages ago but it never materialised, I guess this is it.

darksky57d ago

The announcement of Ark Ascended says it's not going to be free. All owners of ARK survival are basically screwed since they are shutting the old servers and expect you to buy the remastered version.

IamTylerDurden158d ago

I remember the buzz when it was announced with the Vinny D trailer. I forgot about it. I'll try it on GP i presume. Has to better than Valheim.

thesoftware73057d ago

I think it will be better than Valheim, I imagine higher production values and such, established mechanics, and hopefully less buggy than the first game.

Valheim is really fun tho, I have been playing since it came to GP with my pals and having a good time. While you can see it's not a AAA product, it certainly is well done and can become addicting. I'm up to the 2nd boss, who kicked our arses, last night leveled up all our bronze armor to lvl 3...gonna fight him again time.