Bafta Game Awards: God of War wins six but Vampire Survivors takes top prize

God of War: Ragnarok takes the most prizes, but Vampire Survivors is the surprise best game winner.

P_Bomb63d ago

Vamp Survivors really sings once you get past the initial hump. Unlock some characters, builds and maps. Profit!

IamTylerDurden161d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Vamps is a game that seems so dumb it's brilliant. I loved it. Brilliant in its simplicity? Not sure, but it hits that one more run itch. Game deserved all the hype. Very fun auto battler roguelite. Perfect for Steamdeck.

1konrad61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I think it is a joke to nominate that indie game, amiga games 30 years ago were beter. "Vampire Survivors Only Works Because We're Stupid".

BandarHub63d ago

"Performer in a supporting role - Laya Deleon Hayes as Angrboða in God of War: Ragnarok"

One of the worst characters that God of war ever produced. And ADAM J. HARRINGTON as Sindri in God of War Ragnarök lost to her?
On top of that, 4 out of the six nominations were from God of war. At least make it one nomination per game. A plague tale should have been nominated for supporting performance.
Anna Demetriou as Sophia or Harry Myers as Arnaud should have been nominated.

A plague tale was not nominated for the best game and lost the best narrative.
A plague tale: Reqiuem is an underappreciated game, it had the best story from last year.

porkChop62d ago

There really should be a limit when it comes to awards. One entry per game per award. A lot of games had great performances last year so having 4 nominees from one game is crazy. God of War likely still would have won, which is fine. But those other games should have gotten some recognition.

outsider162462d ago

I thought Richard Schiff was pretty good as Odin too. How he did not win...I'll never know.

IamTylerDurden161d ago

He should've won imo. The best supporting role in that game and the perhaps the most captivating performance of the year. In 2018 Jeremy as Baldur was equally sublime imo. Not sure if he won either.

crazyCoconuts62d ago

Voice acting for reqiuei was really good, but story? Not at all imo. Innocence had a much better story.

IamTylerDurden161d ago (Edited 61d ago )

She certainly wasn't the worst character in the franchise. They just didn't really do much with her after her initial chapter. I thought her performance was ok, certainly Richard Schiff was better, but i enjoyed the Jotenheim diversion. It was different. A bit of fantasy. The Grandmother scene alone lifts her from being the worst. There are some useless characters in the old games. Even Magni n Modi should've been more. Thor's daughter was in the same boat. His wife though voiced by "Elena" was a nothing character. The kid u meet at the wall was pointless and poorly developed.

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-Foxtrot63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I can’t believe Danielle Bisutti didn’t win for her performance as Freya, she was fantastic in this game, she had so much range with her acting and emotions.

Sorry but Laya as Angrboða was no where near as good as Danielle, she was hardly in it in comparison and had roughly the same calm tone for most of the game.

IamTylerDurden161d ago

Her performance as Freya vastly exceeded 2018 imo. She stepped up and was terrific. Agreboda wasn't terrible, just nowhere near the best. Richard Schiff was imo the best.

-Foxtrot61d ago

Oh totally

Like Agreboda is not a bad character but she's hardly in the game as much as the other characters and there's nothing within the games story that puts her through many emotions that would really make her performance as the character stand out. She's calm, mysterious, seems pretty chill about most stuff while the other actors really went through emotions.

Just feels like a pity award because her casting faced backlash upon the initial reveal, it's literally the only reason I can think she won over so many other characters. I mean even Mimir a talking head had better performance worthy moments.

anast62d ago

This was the "let's give everyone else a chance to win" awards. It happens a lot in sports when there is a dominate player.

MadLad62d ago

Or Vampire Survivors just ended up being one of those smaller games that really resonated with people.
The Bafta awards isn't a fanboy popularity contest like most awards. It's the industry looking at the industry as a whole.
When a game wins an award here it holds a lot more water than your typical nothing game awards show.

anast62d ago

Saying that Vampire Survivors, which is a good game, is way above all the other great games that are out there is disingenuous. This award is for the sake of doing something different.

62d ago
oIMyersIo62d ago

Wow, Vampire Survivors!

Played it on Xbox and it’s fun, shame it’s not on PS consoles. Hours of enjoyment for a few quid.

GoW got some notable nods though, deserved.

oIMyersIo62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Lol @ disagrees because I mentioned playing a game that won awards.

Never change, fanboys, never change xo

IamTylerDurden161d ago

Nah, bc it sounds weird saying "shame it isn't on PS". But i agree, it's really fun. Dumb and brilliant at the same time.

oIMyersIo61d ago (Edited 61d ago )


How does it sound weird?

Literally meant that in the sense so more people can enjoy it.

Too many fragile Sony fanboys (and Xbox too) on this site that a genuine comment is met with immediate defensiveness. SMH.

__SteakDeck__61d ago

@olMyerslo You’re right a lot fanboys on this site. Vampire Survivors is a great game and it’s perfect for Steam Deck too.

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