Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Update 1.05 Adds Quality-of-Life Improvements, Balance Changes

A new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update is now live on PC and consoles, introducing quality-of-life improvements, balance changes, bug fixes, and more.

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blackblades62d ago

Amazing how this game ended up at $33 clearance at my walmart and $15 at someone else walmart as well $30 at another guys walmart.

Kaii62d ago

Having already hit the plat trophy for this, the following fix hurts, lol.
*Made changes to the Travel menu which will allow players to check their progress in collecting Shitieshou, Golden Cicada Shells, Tablets, Dragon Vein Essence, and Dragon Vein Crystals via icons.

Lexreborn261d ago

I’ve been super taking my time beating this game with my bud. Fun game though overall

Elda61d ago

Just started chapter 6. The game is a blast!

Father__Merrin61d ago

Completed it with a 1 hit kill trainer. Don't think I'd have the time to play through it normally

jeromeface60d ago

then you in no way completed it... thats like saying you completed it because you watched someone play it on twitch

IanTH60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Funny to me the strong feelings people have on how others bother to complete a game. If the game was still fun, to you, then glad you found a way to enjoy it outside of developer constraints. Games are about fun, why do people feel the need to gate-keep *fun* of all things, suggesting that if you didn't play it their way you didn't really play it at all.

To those being nitpicky, he said he completed it. He didn't say he "beat it". If he saw the end credits, what term would you prefer he use instead?

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