PGR4: Peugeot Design Contest 2007 Winner Announced

Peugeot announced today the winner of the Peugeot Design Contest 2007, which will allow the frontrunner to have his concept car being on display in full-scale at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and join the list of cars that will appear in Project Gotham Racing 4.

Mr. Mihai Panaitescu, 20, studies design at the I.E.D. Turin and his concept car, named Flux, has been designed to combine versatility and sportiness in order to be used in different environments.

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PS360PCROCKS4898d ago

Nice...can't wait to drive this bad boy, throw in a V-12 and a 6 speed manual and we're all set

donscrillinger4898d ago

cant wait to drive this car it looks tight !

Yo Wassap4898d ago

damn i wanted the speedlite, i just don't like this one.

bklynballer334898d ago

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