CDPR on Why New Witcher Game ‘Project Sirius’ Has Been Restarted, Says It Didn't Align With Studio

CDPR's CFO explains why The Witcher Project Sirius was rebooted during development; states it was better to cut costs early.

sammarshall10258d ago

That sucks and this happens more than we know. I guess this was the Witcher spinoff game

We should cherish good games these days from these developers because games don't always come together

RaidenBlack58d ago

It was/is the Witcher multiplayer game ...

sammarshall10257d ago

Ohhh ok in that case I'm glad lol

-Foxtrot58d ago

I hope if it’s a spin off game it’ll be something where you don’t have a preset character like Geralt but rather you get to choose the path you want to take

Stealth, Warrior, Magic etc

I know people will relate to Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age but the last ES game was Skyrim in 2011 and Dragon Age hasn’t really been the same for a long time

Geralt was a preset character as his character was already created because of the books but with a brand new character they could do anything they wanted…otherwise this won’t differ much from the main Witcher games.

anast57d ago

I like this. It would definitely breath fresh air into the franchise.

XiNatsuDragnel57d ago

I'm excited for the next Witcher game.

Ricdog57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

CDPR is a complete shit show right now, don’t believe the hype. The new Witcher 3 upgrade had major glitch issues and even their latest patch broke the game with new issues, they are still amateur coders and don’t know how to properly release products.

Rumors are they’re struggling with that new Cyberpunk DLC and this report only confirms they’re still that clueless company that destroyed Cyberpunk upon release.

All these multi projects they claim to be working on are just smoke and mirrors, meant to overvalue their business portfolio. Deep down they have nothing!

nitus1056d ago (Edited 56d ago )

That's strange. I have been playing the PS5 version of "The Witcher 3" (fully updated) for over 40 hours and have not had any issues with it.

I suppose I do have a nit pick. I selected the updated Nilfgaardian Armor which IMO is weird so I changed back to the the orignal and lost about an hours play time (oh well I still had fun though).

BTW. If you like the Nilfgaardian Armor that is in the TV series and can be select in the game then fine. It's just cosmetic anyway.

MADGameR57d ago

Projekt CD Wrekt at it again

AirRevenant57d ago

Damned if they release something, damned if they push something back - can't win with mad gamers.

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