WWE 2K23: Deluxe Edition Review - Thumb Culture

"It has been another year and another WWE game has been released, but how does this one fare against the previous titles that left a somewhat bland taste for new and old wrestling game fans?" Mat @ Thumb Culture

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Review - WWE 2K23 (PS5) | WayTooManyGames

WTMG's Fernando da Costa: "After years of not touching a video game from WWE, I can confidently say my return was triumphant. It’s a nostalgia bomb that had me giddy. The amount of content in this package seems like a statement – 2K may have slipped, but they’re not going anywhere. For instance, the MyRise mode is given another story to enjoy – a first for the series. John Cena is also the focal point of this year’s showcase. It’s a rundown of every historical event of his career, from debuting on Smackdown to finally winning the big one. Hell, it even references a classic meme that’s sure to appease folks everywhere. Yeah, there are little hiccups, but they’re minuscule and fixable with a quick patch. The WWE franchise has entered a hot streak, with 2K23 being a considerable step forward to recapturing the glory the series once held."

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WWE 2K23 Review (PS5) - Didn't Give Up | Finger Guns

Greg @ FG: After taking time off, WWE 2K23 is here to reignite that love for wrestling games. Is it welcoming, or too much for newbies? The Finger Guns Review.

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WWE 2K23 Review | TheSixthAxis

It looks great and is a huge improvement over recent games, but does WWE 2K23 truly capture the feel of wrestling?

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