Diablo 4 Beta Stats Reveal Over 61.5 Million Hours Played, Over 29 Billion Monsters Slain and More

Diablo 4's beta statistics boast an impressive total of 61.5 million hours played, with the game ranking #1 on Twitch while it was live.

Sonic188169d ago

I wonder if the 61.5 million came mostly from PC gamers?🤔

darkrider69d ago

Yes. This game is colossal on pc.

excaliburps68d ago

Both? I know a lot of PC friends that tried it on PS.

Deathdeliverer67d ago

If it were 5 million peeps that’s still just 12.5 hours per person. We all know some people play betas like full games (I see COD beta players levels in the hundreds) so I’m sure it’s far less than that. Definitely feel the Lion share is PC, in my diablo playing time that’s where I was.

anast68d ago

People like Diablo 3 "Dark Version".

Shane Kim68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Sounds like stats MS used to throw.

Michiel198968d ago

.....every beta does smthn like this if it gets good numbers how do you even pull ms in this?

Anomander68d ago

I believe CoD does the same with how many bullets fired and other stats for beta weekends. It's not a new thing by any means. I thought there were some good stats and hopefully they are taking that data and tweaking the classes. Some of them were pretty OP!

Stanjara67d ago

Have you heard of POE??? I know... I know what that is.

kingnick67d ago

The Diablo IV beta felt like a refined Diablo III so I won't be buying day one or for full RRP.

Diablo II despite its age is a much more enjoyable game.

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