Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Promotion Starts in June as CD Projekt Announces Financial Results

CD Projekt released its earnings report for the fiscal year 2022, while the marketing campaign for Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty starts in June.

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Tapani62d ago

I've been trying to understand if the Expansion is something that will expand the original world and create more stuff in it, or if it exists in an entirely new space like in Witcher 3 the final expansion. If it is the former and it expands and fixes the original world, then might as well wait for this and play the game from the beginning.

CantThinkOfAUsername61d ago

It's set in a new area called the Combat Zone so more like The Witcher 3's.

62d ago
Anghellic62d ago

wow dlc 3 years after tha lame ass game released

Abriael62d ago

You must mean one of the best open-world RPGs available on any platform at the moment.

redrum0662d ago

You clearly haven't played or finished the game. Definitely worth trying.

ZeekQuattro62d ago

Nice I didn't realize Idris Elba was joining the game.