Two Worlds in-game video

Here is a brand new gameplay video of Reality Pump Studios beautiful RPG, Two Worlds.

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Raistlin5702d ago

The game looks fantastic, but I sure hope those aren't the final spell sounds. I had to turn down my speakers. I can't wait to get online with a group and start hunting monsters.

Scrooge5702d ago

I deffinitely like what I see. Im in the library right now so I can't listen to the annoying sound spells. Maybe that's a good thing. No doubt Ill pick this one up

chitown5702d ago

if i didnt know any better id say that was oblivion

ACE5702d ago

it looks alot like oblivian, r they using the same engine? .

i'm a huge oblivian fan so will be picking this up when it comes out on the 360 . looks very good and yes the spell sounds where anoying.

Havince5701d ago

oblivion was missing one thing.............ONLINE, Id happily have a oblivion rip off it it means taking my warrior online with wizzards and elves lolololololol