Ada Wong Is Sadly The Worst Part Of Resident Evil 4 Remake

Ada Wong has been iconic ever since her first appearance in Resident Evil 2. The double agent with a heart of gold is keen to side with those offering the biggest payout, but always knows when to turn tail and point her gun against the oppressors if it’s for the greater good. We all know her love for grappling hooks, red dresses, and taking advantage of himbos like Leon Kennedy, but her presence in Resident Evil 4 isn’t everything it should have been.

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-Foxtrot60d ago

Pretty much

Like the game is fantastic but she really brings it down, she just sounds so bored.

I loved her in the RE2 remake and was excited to see her banter with Leon on this after not seeing him for 7”6 years but even their first meeting is just…bland. It’s like she has no previous chemistry with Leon.

Just makes me a little less excited for Separate Ways


Did anyone think the last line by her saying “we’re changing course” felt a little meta? Maybe it’s their way of changing canon in the future or something.

KeeseToast59d ago

Seems to me the biggest issue with Ada is not the character itself but the English VA?
I'm playing the German version of the game and I have no problem with her so far.

CrimsonWing6959d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Yea that’s the only issue. Her English voice actress has really weird delivery. I don’t really understand why they didn’t get the same actress from Remake 2.

Sonic188159d ago (Edited 59d ago )

It also sounds like Capcom replaced the voice actress for Ada Wong. She sounds different. I think Lily Gao is doing her voice this time and she also played Ada Wong in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. I thought Jolene Andersen did a good job playing Ada Wong in Resident Evil 2 remake. I'm surprised they didn't bring her back. 🤔

-Foxtrot59d ago

It’s rumoured they didn’t get her back because she’s in the union and Capcom hate unions

Also they probably thought Welcome to Raccoon City was going to be amazing and kick off a new film franchise. So they jumped on having someone like her do Ada in the games before she got even more pricier as the films went on. However it was shit and they were stuck with her

VersusDMC59d ago

Well hopefully she delivers a better performance for the DLC.

Regarding her last line...i think it just means she is doing the right thing now and not just thinking of herself. Leon's influence getting through.

And i also want to mention that the VO for her "boss" was meh as well

-Foxtrot59d ago

Possibly, she’s doing the right thing now but I still was hoping it meant RE5 would be completely different and by RE6 it’s basically a new game with a new single story

jznrpg59d ago

Do they have a Japanese voice option? Hope so

vallencer59d ago

Honestly I hope they use that last line to change RE5. I didn't hate re5 the co op was fun. Beat all difficulties with a friend. But it also, as RE games go, wasn't good in that aspect. It was a fun co op shooter. But if 5 is on the table to be redone I hope it gets reworked completely and then six also does too. Could easily just revamp the stories to align more up with 7 and 8.


The fact that ada changes course which she didn't do in the og game has me thinking they are going to change the story up. On top of that the screen at the end Wesker is staring at has Excella on it and the stairway of the sun both of which are from re5. There's also a nod to the bakers in the game too from krauser. Right before you fight him there's a note you can read that mentions baker being in a truck to help abduct ashley. It could just be coincidence, could be the name of the unit in general or it could be talking about one of the bakers being jack or joe. They were all in the military at some point. Either way I hope 5 and 6 get the treatment.

Though if I truly had to pick any of the RE games it'd probably be outbreak that I wish would really get a remake.

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GoodGuy0960d ago

I thought something was odd with her voice when first encountering her. Also sad that she isn't wearing that classic dress which ofc I'm sure pc modders will fix.

BandarHub60d ago

Who the hell coined the term Himbos, why is this person calling Leon a dumb guy.

Sonic188159d ago

I noticed that. I was like what the hell 😄

Levii_9259d ago

Yeah so weird and stupid. I think the person who wrote this article is a “Himbo”

Vanfernal59d ago

To be fair, Leon gets triple crossed by Ada over and over throughout the series just because he has a crush on her. He's kind of an idiot. 😆

VersusDMC59d ago

Agree but love the new character design though. Can't wait for some cosplays.😁

AnotherGamer59d ago

They change the voice actress so that they could represent Ada ethnic right or something. Who really asked for that?

kingnick59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

The woke activists that cry the loudest (example

I listened to a few clips of the new Ada, voice acting would have suited the classic RE games (that's not a compliment). Maybe the voice recording sessions were affected by COVID and/or other factors.

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