New Xbox Controller That Can Store Loadouts Could Be in the Works

A recent patent depicts a new Xbox controller outfitted with a built-in touchscreen that can be used to track and display a player’s performance in a particular video game. As shown in the diagrams included in the patent, this in-development gamepad can also save custom controller loadouts and connect to social media. All of these features are displayed using the touchscreen, and the patent mentions compatibility with external devices like mobile phones through an app of some kind.


Update 3/29: A previous version of this article erroneously attributed the patent filing to Microsoft. Turtle Beach filed the patent.

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darthv7266d ago

So.... a controller with a touchscreen, not touchpad like the 4/5 use. this hearkens back to the days of the WiiU or even DC VMU

Jin_Sakai66d ago

As long as the battery life doesn’t take a major it I’m ok with this.

OneLove65d ago

As far as I can tell battery life will always be an issue with current tech. By a couple months all battery life whether phone or laptop or controller starts needing charges more and more often.

Anomander65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

As long as it has it a USB-C interface to charge I'm not as concerned with the battery life not needing to last days and days. I can charge right next to me while playing with normal USB charging packs. Just don't make it required to have any specialized adapters.

Sonic188166d ago

And it might be over $200 dollars with a touch screen. The battery life will be questionable as well

XiNatsuDragnel66d ago

Touchscreen controllers to take back to wii u pad interesting.

sparky7766d ago

This patent isn't from MS but from Turtle Beach, the source didn't read the patent.

Jin_Sakai66d ago

“This would be placed in a similar spot as the touchscreen from the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller“

It’s also a touchpad not a touchscreen on the DualSense controller. Lol

porkChop66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

The article also calls the touchpad on DS and DS4 a touchscreen. Really shoddy reporting.

Edit: Literally what Jin already pointed out lmao. I need sleep.

-Foxtrot66d ago

I can feel the battery life drain from these things from here

jznrpg66d ago

I don’t want battery life being consumed so I can have the ability to connect to social media or anything not to do with actually playing video games.

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