Another Publisher Joins Group Not Attending E3 This Year

Publisher Devolver Digital is now joining the other companies who are not attending the upcoming E3 2023 event.

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Vengeance1138182d ago

RIP E3, a product of a bygone era.

darthv72182d ago

did they ever really attend...? I thought they did their own thing out in the parking lot or in other location.

Garethvk182d ago

Exactly. Just free publicity at this point to pile on and say we are not attending.

BrainSyphoned182d ago

They did amazing high production value long running skits for their presentations. "Out in the parking lot" is nowhere near what they did.

porkChop182d ago

- Xbox
- Nintendo
- PlayStation
- Ubisoft
- Tencent
- Devolver Digital

None of these companies are attending E3 this year. All that's left are Capcom, Electronic Arts, Embracer, and Square Enix. Of the bigger publishers at least. Looks like E3 is dead. The show is under new ownership this year though. I wonder if these companies just didn't like whatever changes are or aren't being made to the show.

Garethvk182d ago

EA has been doing their own thing for years apart from E3.

porkChop182d ago

I thought EA Play was still part of E3, just not physically at it. Damn. E3's got nothing this year.

Garethvk182d ago

The first year they did it before E3 the first day as we went over and saw and played Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, and sports games. They gave us SWAG and a box lunch and we went to the E3 media room as it opened at Noon on day 1 and ate and chilled. Each year after it was the weekend before give or take and more open to all vs media priority.

Bobertt182d ago

The big publishers realized it's cheaper to do their own showcase on Youtube and the smaller ones are pulling out because without the big publishers to attract more eyes to E3 it's probably not worth their time or effort to go there too.

Lifexline182d ago

Why do people still care about E3 they need to give up on that already. I get it used to be great but honestly the “Direct” presentations are better because companies control the narrative.

EvertonFC182d ago

I miss the crowd reaction of E3 shows the most, for example the ND or GG logo appearing and the crowd going wild before the trailer or gameplay starts.

Prubar182d ago

Have you ever attended? If not maybe you’d understand if you had. The show was like Christmas for me.

onisama182d ago

It feels like if theaters are closed and you can watch movie only on Netflix... You wont get that excitement, fun and hype, shouts laughs like in infinity wars in cinema or zelda reveal in E3

King_Noctis182d ago

And why would gamers want less shows to celebrate their hobby? Comic fan, D&D fan, film fan among many others have conventions that celebrate their hobby and yet none of them want said conventions to go away.

So why we as gamer keep wanting shows about games to be dead?

EvertonFC182d ago

Agreed, same with gamers shitting on games or Devs before the game even comes out etc.
It's a funny bunch the gamer 😔