Hogwarts Legacy was the best-selling game of February 2023 in the US, per Circana

The action-RPG crossed 12 million copies sold in its first week.

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Nyxus70d ago

"Notably, both The Last of Us Part 1 and The Last of Us Part 2 are in the top 20 games sold. For consoles, the PlayStation 5 was the best-selling console in both dollar sales and units sold."

Nice! Also good to see Like a Dragon: Ishin and Octopath Traveler 2 in the top 10.

neutralgamer199270d ago

Like a dragon is awesome here is hoping for more Yakuza remakes

JEECE70d ago

Remember that time there was no need for Last of Us Part I on PS5 because everyone interested in the game had already played it?

neutralgamer199270d ago

What's ironic is the fact many saying TLOU1 didn't need to be remade were g going to buy it. It was remade for the new audience that was going to come in with TV show

neutralgamer199270d ago

Very vocal minority brother. They make the most noise and matter the least

Aloymetal70d ago

Indeed. It's a cycle/loop though. They're just waiting for the next thing to be vocal about it.

badz14970d ago

I wish that was the mindset of the devs of Little Devil Inside. if not for them taking the racist remark too seriously, the game would have been released by now

Umb70d ago

hmm, I agree to a degree but that minority is really stiring the pot hard and with the tradgic events recently only gives them more power and that the MSM and certain politicians/celebrities running protection for them.

FlameBaitGod70d ago

You guys are the problem, you are all transphobes and the reason why this country is full of bigot's.. /s

TeamIcoFan70d ago

I hope we get a sequel that allows us to continue on as a sixth year with the character we created in this one.

Rockstar69d ago

Get that morality system up and running as well on the sequel. I'm currently being an ahole in my playthrough but no one really cares.

TeamIcoFan69d ago

Wonder if the sequel will let us check out Diagon alley, and catch up with other characters like Ominis or Natty on the Hogwarts express?