Epic Games Unveils Metahuman Animator, A Potential Game Changer For Facial Animation And Lip Sync

The new tech eliminates the need for bespoke facial motion capture technology, making it possible to accomplish with only an iPhone.

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Jin_Sakai65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

What usually takes months was done in 5 minutes. That’s mighty impressive!

rpvenom63d ago

Yeah super impressive. I wonder how this will work alongside that new engine that was introduced in cyberpunk where they can lipsync to different languages without having to even motion capture it at all.

Snookies1265d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Please let this be the end of dead faced NPCs lol... Awesome stuff though, here's hoping it gets utilized a lot in the near future!

ApocalypseShadow64d ago

Saw this a couple of days ago. It's really impressive what developers will be able to work with. The investment to improve the Unreal Engine was definitely worth it. Could really speed up development times for flat and VR games.

mkis00763d ago

That is really incredible! This really is the Speed Generation of the gaming industry.

Einhander197163d ago

Looks amazing, but if it's so quick to achieve these results why aren't we seeing them. When Unreal engine 5 was unveiled with the PS5 showing nanite etc. I was really expecting this big leap, unfortunately nothing has been shown yet. Last gen is definitely holding it back PS4 and Xbone need to be put to rest now. Or maybe current gen isnt up to this.

kingnick63d ago

It's not last gen holding this tech back but the lack of install base for the PS5/Xbox Series and capable PCs.

Publishers don't want to miss out on huge part of the existing playerbase on lower spec hardware.

The PS5 has only recently just become readily available in many regions, we'll start to see more PS5/Xbox Series/PC only games.

For smaller budget and indie games we'll likely continue to see last gen ports for a few years.

Anunnaki63d ago

Because unreal 5 was only just introduced and is still getting new features like the one above. Big games still take years to produce so even if they can speed up this step that doesn't mean the results will come immediately.

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