The Last of Us PC Remake Shader Issues Leave Players Waiting for Hours

The Last of Us PC shader issues are plaguing gamers who want to play the game, with some experiencing wait times lasting for over an hour.

RaidenBlack63d ago

Well, Naughty Dog contacted the infamous Iron Galaxy studio (again) for this port job ... so every PC player saw this coming ...

Nitrowolf263d ago

I can only assume they were working on this before Nixes was bought out, but god damn these guys do not have a good track record even before that

generic-user-name63d ago

Nixxes got Spiderman Remastered and Miles Morales on PC just a few months ago. They aren't that big, I don't think they can handle multiple AAA ports at the same time.

onisama63d ago

So your telling me they didn't test the game themselves before lunch

ActualWhiteMan63d ago

After Breakfast for sure but not always before Lunch.

JeffGUNZ63d ago

Yeah, doesn't Sony have a solid team they use for porting, can't think of their name? Why they went with Iron Galaxy after the poop show UC port was, blows my mind.

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AnotherGamer63d ago

Why they asked Iron Galaxy of all people for the PC port?!

RaidenBlack63d ago

Iron Galaxy pretty much under bids, gets a contract and tries to make things work with limited budget.
There were other better studios other than Nixxes, like Sumo .... but Sony went with Iron Galaxy anyway ....

gangsta_red63d ago

Well this is going to be a thing of the past since the latest ND twitter suggests they'll be developing their games for PS and PC.

Extermin8or3_62d ago

it suggests FACTIONS will be on pc and playstation. Nothing else.

gangsta_red62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

It suggests more than that. As you can see, ND themselves released a hotfix for the PC version.

Extermin8or3_61d ago

You realise them saying they released a hotfix for the pc version means nothing and doesn't mean thry literally made the hotfix.

My brother is a developer. Works for a support studio the way it works is the studio they are working for they are essentially contractors to. So any work they do on the game counts as being done by the devs behind the game. So yes Iron Galaxy ported this. But likely some of their staff are still working on contract for ND post launch to bugfix and patch issues. It would be ridiculous and waste loads of time for Iron Galaxy to go in and port the game and obviously soend ages optimising and polishing it up and bug fixing for various hardware combinations. Then the game to release for them to go off and do their own thing and ND devs to have to open up the code and trawl through and work out what's going on then fix various bugs and optimise better. Would waste so much time.

gangsta_red61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Naughty Dog has literally said they will be doing development for consoles and PC themselves.

So having an outside developer port to PC will be a thing of the past for ND as they will be handling their own games.

Stanjara63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

PC master race.
Whoever did the port couldn't escaped shader compilation.

Edit2: ok I've red the article... It's a bad port.

It's baffling that PS games need 4090 and other crazy spec's to run 60fps.

4090 is a $4k config with all Samsung

Am I wrong?

Number1TailzFan63d ago

Ideally a cheap 3060Ti would be enough for the console ports, as that's roughly what they're equal to or a bit under, so yeah. It's just lazy ports going on.. The new RE performs great from what little I know.

Stanjara63d ago

True... but again...3060ti... that's insane.

Viljong63d ago

Another half assed pc port, nothing new here. When pc components cost huge prices and what you get from it i dont understand any reasons to invest in pc gaming.

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