Crime Boss: Rockay City Feels Like a Half-Baked, Rushed Heist

Wccftech checked out the PC release of Crime Boss: Rockay City on the Epic Games Store and found it to be a half-baked, rushed kind of job.

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SpacedDuck471d ago

This is what happens when your budget goes into a bunch of actors nobody really cares about anymore VS quality of game.

1nsomniac470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Exceptional cast of for the most part experienced actors. It’s good to see proper actors again instead of the current Hollyweird (they have to be as young as possible) sort. That releases the talentless garbage of the last 5-10 years.

Alos88470d ago

Who gives a shit about the actors in a videogame? You're going to see most of them for about ten minutes worth of cutscenes- this isn't a movie or a show. A stellar cast isn't going to do much of anything if the gameplay sucks, and that's exactly what this article is saying.

1nsomniac470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Just like film you can just make one and it’s perfectly watchable but you can also have a good actor elevate a good story to a great story. There’s nothing saying that’s not possible in gaming. Like anything else, it can’t just be a lazy fill-in for the sake of it. Which I was really hoping this wouldn’t be.

If you want the same old crap repeatedly fed to you over and over and over again. More power to you, you’ll never need progressing.

If these companies are now expecting me to pay £70 for a game. They need to up their game!

blackblades470d ago

Ikr, I agree with the 1st guy on the budget wasted on the cast. I disagree with with disrespecting Danny and few other. Piece of crap need to show some respect. Anyways I figure the game would be meh when trying to sell a game on legends actors, except ice insteadve the game it self.

1nsomniac470d ago

I was really hoping this would turn out well. The cast is great but I was worried it would be money wasted.


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Crime Boss: Rockay City Gameplay

Here is an online mission that can be played with 1-4 players. The game offers both online missions and a campaign where pulling off raids, heists, and other challenges is the goal of taking control.

joupham4922d ago

This reminds me of payday 3 beta lol.

Garethvk22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

That is what I kept thinking.
In the campaign if the boss eats it you have to go back to day 1 and that is a pain.

SpacedDuck22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

This game is trash.

Too much money spent on getting celebs that are nobody's vs making a good game.

Garethvk22d ago

Having to restart campaigns is tricky and there is never enough money.


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