Skies of Arcadia Getting A Remaster, It's Claimed - Insider Gaming

Sega Dreamcast JRPG Skies of Arcadia is reportedly set to get the remaster treatment according to the XboxEra Podcast

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shinoff218367d ago

At this point sega should release on everything. I'd personally get the ps5 version but everyone should get a chance to play it. If true this would be my first go at it.

jznrpg66d ago

That’s for them to decide . They will go where they think they can make money worth their investment . PS5 and Switch are generally a given for Japanese games .

RpgSama66d ago

I'll take it, but I would have really loved a remake instead, I feel a game like SOA deserves one.

phoenixwing67d ago

I'd rather they remade it. I've played it to death at this point. Or a sequel.

shinoff218367d ago

I actually never got to play this one. Way back then I had to be selective I was a cashier at a corner store chain. So I'd be happy with whatever direction they went.

FinalFantasyFanatic66d ago

I never got to play it either, never owned a Dreamcast (and I owned most of the Sega consoles growing up), and I didn't own a Gamecube either. So I'll be thrilled to be able to play the original.

Andy_Dee66d ago

I too would love a sequel, such an amazing game, insane for its time! :D

Loved everything! The combat, the music, the base building portion, the crew. I wish we would get a remake and a sequel..

phoenixwing66d ago

Yeah it holds a special place in my heart but I literally harvested the extra boss in the surface and made my crew 999 or whatever in stats by buying the Stat boosting items and did everything there was to do. It feels almost like a cheap cash grab when they could have remade the game by now at least to me.

GotGame81867d ago

Amazing game! Played it on Dreamcast and again when it released for Gamecube! Wish they would just remake it though.

Silly Mammo66d ago

My favorite game on the Dreamcast

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