Diablo 4 Preview: An impressive prestige RPG that shows its age | The Outerhaven

The Outerhaven goes hands-on with the Diablo 4 beta, and while we're impressed with it, there are still some things that could be better.

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masterfox67d ago

Isometric view only game easy game pass for me, not sure whats the deal of this game it looks meh for me, I always thought of this isometric view type of games are meant for a very specific demographic, more like PC only demographic imo.

Julion071567d ago

You been in every article now give it a rest

thesoftware73067d ago

True about Isometric games mostly being PC games, but that don't stop them from being great. A lot of them make it to console eventually. I knda feel like you are saying this because, you know...MS and A/B are in be lol.

A throw back great isometric game was Legacy of Kain, that was excellent console game, not trying to disprove you, but that was a good game, wish they would hurry up and make a new one.

Duke1967d ago

Complaints of “I can’t keep spamming dodge” and “I have to keep looking at my health bar”…


JeffGUNZ66d ago

On PC, my biggest issue was the FPS drops, especially in towns. Lots of stuttering and it ain't my hardware. I know this is a beta so I am hopeful the final build has it smoothed out.

Kosic66d ago

I didn't find much excitement in the 2 betas. The game was rather slow with a low amount of mobs. So the chaos and traversing the world felt more like a chore.