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There is fun to be found in "Crime Boss: Rockay City," but its issues bog down the experience enough to keep it from keeping you invested for very long.

sadraiden482d ago

I think we all knew this game was going to be trash. Rockay City? Michael Madsen is the face of your game? Trying to capitalize on 1980s Miami nostalgia? Nothing here told me that there was going to be a quality gaming experience.

blackblades482d ago

Yeah, with all the big time celeb faces in it. How it was announced gave it away.


Crime Boss Rockay City Gameplay Impressions - Now on Steam with 20%OFF and free DLC - CG

CG writes: With the arrival of the game on Steam after the EGS exclusivity ended, take a look at our Crime Boss: Rockay City gameplay impressions. It’s really not as bad as we were led to believe. It’s actually quite good, especially with the current 20% OFF and all DLCs included.

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Crime Boss: Rockay City Gameplay

Here is an online mission that can be played with 1-4 players. The game offers both online missions and a campaign where pulling off raids, heists, and other challenges is the goal of taking control.

joupham4934d ago

This reminds me of payday 3 beta lol.

Garethvk34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

That is what I kept thinking.
In the campaign if the boss eats it you have to go back to day 1 and that is a pain.

SpacedDuck34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

This game is trash.

Too much money spent on getting celebs that are nobody's vs making a good game.

Garethvk34d ago

Having to restart campaigns is tricky and there is never enough money.


Crime Boss: Rockay City - Gamerhub UK

It's time to take back the City. From...Chuck Norris?!

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