The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Mr. Aonuma Gameplay Demonstration

Get an introduction to Link’s new abilities in this gameplay demonstration of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presented by series producer, Eiji Aonuma.

Neonridr67d ago

pretty crazy that you can combine things now and build stuff. I'm sure the community will come up with some wild contraptions.

stupidusername67d ago

Looks fun! Can’t wait to see how people will speedrun the game in the long run.

NecrumOddBoy67d ago

I cannot lie that the fusion system is super cool but I would have saved that for some other type of game like Animal Crossing. This doesn't look or feel like a Zelda title anymore.

Also, how does this graphically look worse than BOTW? Also what was weird was the game opened up with Link moving through grassland areas with the worst looking marsh puddles I have ever seen, but then they showed crafting the raft, the damn sky lake was some gorgeous 4K photo realistic image. So odd to me.

lucian22966d ago

Well necrum, the original game ran like garbage. So it's probably to address that..... Meanwhile the original game wasn't even visually striking lmao.

FinalFantasyFanatic66d ago

^That's what impressed me, how good the water looked for a Switch game, I thought "...Why does the water look so good here?".

phoenixwing66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I've been airing my problems for botw for many years. Many have simply thought of me as anti nintendo. However this game easily fixes my biggest complaint with the game when it comes to weapons and durability. I'm going to buy the game. It looks like good fun. It may even become my favorite Zelda game.

ZeekQuattro67d ago

People still pull off amazing feats in BOTW to this day. I can only imagine what people will do with this new fusion system. I foresee someone figuring out how to put fans on boulders or logs in such a way and flying it up to one of the islands above.

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Sonic188167d ago (Edited 67d ago )

GOTY mark my words

SeTTriP67d ago

I said the same thing and got thumb down to oblivion.

Ezio204867d ago

I doubt that. LoZ has never won maximum GOTYs except for OOT and BoTW. Only twice in such a long series and these 2 entries reinvented the genre. TOTK is just an evolution just like SMG2 was after SMG. That is why SMG2 lost miserably against RDR and ME2 even though it was rated higher with a 97 meta.

Sonic188167d ago

You're going to be so disappointed 😂

Flakegriffin66d ago


Shh, don’t tell em’ 🤣

Tapani66d ago

Agreed. I thought the showing was weak. There was nothing new, just some strange mechanics that take you out of the serene world. I never liked the BOTW magnets etc. powers, but I liked the combat, exploring, and puzzles that were classic (not the gimmicky ones). I liked the music and art style, and most of all the atmosphere.

Always felt that in BOTW the strange magical powers were a bit too much, it used to be physical gadgets mostly in the Zelda world. It made me always think that "okay, so if I can pick up this rock, why can't I pick that rock? Because it is different color? That's it? And why can't I pick up this other thing in the world?" In Tears of the Kingdom, it seems they put even more of those out of context magical powers in your hands so you can suddenly glue things together and teleport yourself (swim in a different dimension???) through rock. It all just feels like the designers first thought of the mechanics, then how much it makes sense in the world next. It should be the other way round!

I hoped they'd do something more interesting with the physics and the world, something that was more grounded in the "reality" of the world. Plus the setting, items, and world looks pretty much exactly the same. No risk here, just rinse and repeat. The original game could have used a bit more linearity here and there as well.

My wife will go nuts on this game for sure, but I wasn't impressed.

Sonic188165d ago

The showing was a lot better than Starfield showing. Especially since a lot of gamers think that's going to win GOTY 😂😂

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