Report: Left 4 Dead 3 Reference Spotted in Counter-Strike 2 Files

A Left 4 Dead 3 reference was spotted in the files of the Counter-Strike 2 closed beta, suggesting that the title may finally be in development.

Number1TailzFan61d ago

Not the first time it's been referenced. Valve said years ago that it wasn't in development, but of course things change. L4D3 was supposedly almost finished at one point but development stopped because Source 2 was still incomplete.

Most of the time you get people saying a third game isn't needed as there's nothing to improve upon anyways, which is complete nonsense. I have to wonder if those that say such things have junk computers or something. Why they'd want to keep playing the same repetitive thing over and over is beyond me.

ElendilsSorrow60d ago

I'm honestly curious too as to whether the entry in the code means something or not, considering April 1's only a couple days away, and Valve knows people are datamining for this stuff now. But at the same time, the CS2 driver update entry meant nothing too, until it suddenly did. No telling with GabeN and co. really.

-Foxtrot60d ago

I do hope Zoe, Francis and Louis come back

cammers199559d ago

Based on the last two games, it'll likely be four new survivors but past will cameo.

-Foxtrot59d ago

I guess, but I can dream

I just think they were did dirty with the lack of support or content that game got compared to what was promised...them BOOM, L4D2 was announced months later

JEECE60d ago

That would be nice, B4B was such disappointing trash.

JEECE59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Tons of reasons, but I'll just mention a few.
1) L4D2 feels like a PC shooter in terms of aim speed, movement speed, etc. Even when playing on PC, B4B evidently feels like a slower experience designed for console first. Obviously this is nice for console players, but L4D is a pc-focused series, so if you market your game as a successor, I expect it to feel like it's designed for PC.
2) The AI of the standard zombies (or whatever you call them) is lower. Again, this feels like a compensation for console players.
3) The special enemies on L4D2 are a lot more varied and interesting; in B4B they are just kind of big things you shoot a lot.
4) The world in L4D2 feels more real (not factual but real in the context of the game). When hordes rush you, it feels like they are coming from a specific direction in the distance. In B4B they just spawn in a monster closet in the building beside you. Similarly the special enemies in L4D2 feel like they are in the world, while in B4B they just literally materialize near you. Like there's nothing in B4B that matches taking on a witch that's in your path; the big "moments" in that game are usually just some super generic big thing materializing near you.
5) B4B added basically every bad component of modern multiplayer games geared toward casuals. There's an unnecessary hub world, an unnecessary loot system, an unnecessary operater/hero system where you pick a character with abilities and you level those through cards you buy with loot, and upgrade skins, etc. What makes L4D2 great is that it's a great co-op experience that doesn't have a ton of unnecessary tacked on RPG lite live service features as barriers to fun with friends; as soon as I started playing B4B I had a friend telling me I needed to focus on a specific hero and level them with certain cards. If I want that crap I'd play Destiny 2.

Demetrius60d ago

If they do comeback with this series don’t force no strictly online bs to us mane

Michiel198960d ago

won't be an issue for me since I never liked playing with bots in L4D2, but I still agree

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