Microsoft Buying Activision Blizzard Wouldn't Substantially Harm Competition, Says Japan's FTC

The Japanese Fair Trade Commission (FTC) determined that Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard would not substantially harm competition.

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blackblades67d ago

I'm just ready for the aftermath

darthv7267d ago

There prob wont be much. Im sure some will boycot CoD regardless but otherwise not much will change.

I'm just ready for this to be over.

Godmars29067d ago

Its not about COD or, if its true that this is really about MS making a foothold in mobile gaming, its about a largely incompetent corporation that's gotten by on unchecked monopiles buying up industries.

Allow them this, especially after all of these complaints and arguments, and they'll be no excuse for them or another like company to go on buying sprees once they've burned out prior bought IPs.

S2Killinit67d ago

The aftermath is a frenzy of mergers and acquisitions. If that is not much, then sure. But the multiplatform industry is now up for grabs by a multitude of mega corporations that want in. After this happens I hope that at least the number of new walled gardens will not increase by too much.

Godmars29067d ago

How is exclusivity based solely on acquisition rather than in house development a good thing?
especially factoring in whatever money making scheme companies that know nothing about the industry they've bought themselves into decide to insert. Such a market would be no different than mobile is currently, with addictive things like MT and gocha being the foundation of what could have otherwise been decent games.

JackBNimble67d ago

The people bitching about this don't play cod in the first place.

Crows9067d ago

That's kind of a weird comment. If nothing will change that means cod will remain on Playstation forever. However, if it does not then something obviously will change because gamers will move to the platform that does have that game

WelkinCole66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Get ready for many of these devlopers they bought shutting down. Its the MS way. Does not matter how many times MS tries in buying out huge devlopers. They will always missmanage them. Its a MS tradition.

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SonyStyled67d ago

Sony buying SE, Sony buying Capcom, Konami, Sega, Namco, or T2. Microsoft buying Zenimax, and Activision/Blizzard/King. Putting Nintendo in the mix, no console manufacturer should be absorbing publishers. However it is a far better option than other companies from a country restricting the experiences in games we would otherwise enjoy free from that influence.

None of this path ahead I see great for gamers.

porkChop67d ago

No. Square Enix has been selling minority stakes in individual dev teams. They don't want to be bought and they've intentionally made it extremely difficult and costly for anyone to attempt a hostile takeover.

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1Victor67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Weeeeell in Japan it won’t harm competition if anything it can help Microsoft gain a foot if they make it exclusive to Xbox only in Japan but the rest of the world it will make a difference once the “10 years” are up and it’s taken away from the PlayStation gaming community specially on regions where both consoles are close in sales.

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XiNatsuDragnel67d ago

It affect the competition is some minor ways but I rather Microsoft not buy a publisher like at all.

ConsoleMage67d ago

I agree.

There has to be something as gamers that we can do.

Our lawsuit was thrown out by that corrupt judge in California.

What do you suggest we can do? The majority of us are against this deal for sure.

Neonridr67d ago

there is nothing you can do

343_Guilty_Spark67d ago

What would your case be?

The majority of gamers are NOT against the deal. Poll after poll has shown this but you refuse to accept it. Get out of the N4G bubble.

thesoftware73067d ago


You can write a letter, you can start an online petition, you can say a prayer, you can come on here and cry about the deal, or...hear me out, you can go outside and get some fresh air, really really think about how serious you are taking this, then relax, feel how silly it is.

Christopher67d ago

***The majority of gamers are NOT against the deal. Poll after poll has shown this but you refuse to accept it. Get out of the N4G bubble. ***

First, majority not being against doesn't make it good for the industry. Second, the company that wants this to go through more than anyone else is Tencent. For all these fears of Tencent owning too much of the industry, Microsoft is setting a precedent that will make it possible for them to buy up major publishers rather than AA studios and ownership on other companies.

Stanjara67d ago

They bribed everybody... It's over.

343_Guilty_Spark67d ago


Now you’re just moving the goalposts. The argument went from bad for gamers to bad for industry.

Well industry players have been polled too and are largely okay with the deal.

How about articulating exactly how it’s bad for gamers and the industry?

gangsta_red67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

The majority of gamers? N4G doesn't make up the majority of gamers.

"Our lawsuit was thrown out by that corrupt judge in California"

Lol, everything that doesn't go my way is corrupt.

Crazy how MS is just bribing and corrupting all these people with their money. How are they getting away with it?!

Lightning7767d ago

Gamers tried going after MS and failed.

OneLove67d ago

*ConsoleMage* No, get a life my guy. The world keeps on moving whether this deal goes or not.

Christopher67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

***Now you’re just moving the goalposts. The argument went from bad for gamers to bad for industry.***

Check my comment history. I've always said this is bad for the industry, which, btw, is *also* bad for gamers. Less competition from AAA studios is bad.

***Well industry players have been polled too and are largely okay with the deal.***

Yeah, and the "industry" is also fine with Wallstreet, banks that buy bonds during inflation (the fact the audit didn't capture any of this should tell you all you need to know), ISPs that work to keep prices regulated between themselves, and so on and so on. Businesses aren't about being better for the consumer, it's about making more money for the 1%.

***Edit: And I'm fully aware that a lot of the agrees I'm getting here is because it looks like I'm pro-Sony. But, swap these companies out and I would say the same thing. I'm anti-industry shrinking by consolidating them under larger companies. At no point has that made things better for people but has led to more price control, more abuse of pricing and resources, and fewer options for the consumer as companies don't want to compete with themselves.

babadivad67d ago

It was thrown out because there was no case. There's no corruption.

1Victor67d ago

@console: “What do you suggest we can do?”
It’s a easy one to do don’t jump console (no pun intended) but it’s going to be hard for the players already addicted to the game to go frozen turkey on it 🤷🏿

theindiearmy67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

This is no way sets any legal precedent or opens any roads for Tencent or any other company to buy anyone else. That's now how trade law works. Each situation is different and dependent on the current market. Tencent can't turn around and use the argument, "Well you all let MS do it, so we can too." MS has a lesser market share and still will after this merger. You think the FTC would have let Verizon buy AT&T just because they allowed the T-Mobile/Sprint merger? Not a chance in hell.

Christopher66d ago

***This is no way sets any legal precedent or opens any roads for Tencent or any other company to buy anyone else. That's now how trade law works. Each situation is different and dependent on the current market***

1. This isn't trade law, it's regulation oversight.

2. Regulation is set by historical precedence and argued based on past merits (such as Microsoft's history of agreements in the past with other company buyouts).

3. Economy is global and any difference between regulation of companies of similar size and nature would become political, which China would love to see the U.S. do since so many U.S. companies make billions in China.

theindiearmy66d ago

Trade law and regulation all fall under the same umbrella and go through the same organizations. And no, precedence doesn't get set. Not sure where you heard that, but it's simply not true. MS can't buy Activision and then turn right around and buy EA because a precedent had been set. Neither could anyone else. That's simply not how it works. The situation would be looked at the same way. What effects would it have on the current market and future market. It's true they will consider historical events, but it won't be done with precedence. The priority will always be how it affects the current and future of the markets, not what was allowed in the past.

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Zeldafan6467d ago

I just think it's funny to see Sony fan boys get mad that Nintendo will get COD again.

blackblades67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

No one mad about that, no one believe its possible to get Cod working on it in a good way. You need to stop with the BS talk trying to wild people up.

Zeldafan6466d ago

The disagrees show I'm right.

sparky7767d ago

Looks like the pieces are all starting to fall in to place.

Interesting how Japan approves right after the US claim of the Sony monopoly in Japan. Could be a sign they don't want to look biased of western acquisitions.

Alexious67d ago

The investigation had been a long time coming.

Redemption-6467d ago

You do know the decision does not get made over night right? This literally changes nothing for MS in Japan. The Japanese market doesn't support MS because MS doesn't see any need to invest in them. Activision games I believe don't sell that well in Japan

Stanjara67d ago

They will bring Gamepass to Switch.

Lightning7767d ago

"The Japanese market doesn't support MS because MS doesn't see any need to invest in them."

Ignores the flood of JRPGS on gamepass in the past year.

shinoff218366d ago

Lightning that has nothing to do with Japan. Most of Japan has played those games. You do know ni no kuni came out on ps3 right. It wasn't a brand new game. Ms tried Japan during 360 and I felt they did pretty good. Then they abandoned it. Hell the last few years and almost all of Xbox one was lacking for everyone in general. Aside from a game here and there.

OG_TK_Cole67d ago

SONY needs to start Focusing on Remaking a few of those FPS titles they stopped making. Like Kill Zone, Resistance, MAG, Dust 514 and SOCOM. When your own Government is siding with Microsofts argument, its time to throw in the towel.

derek67d ago

@OG Their own government is capable of assessing the purchase on the merits and it has determined that it won't substantially reduce competition in its jurisdiction. Did you think they would lie just to support Sony? I think this transaction should have been blocked because it encourages mega-corporations to consolidate even more which won't be good for anybody. If this is the world regulators want then so be it. There is likely acquisitions coming done the pike that those cheering on this particular one will not like and it will be fascinating to watch how positions switch.

Ninver67d ago

Gave you an upvote for mentioning Dust 514. I truly hope Sony and CCP Games bring the ip back. That game was way too ambitious for the ps3 but it was fun to play with a great community to match.

OG_TK_Cole66d ago

thanks my guy. yeah I loved Dust 514, but it was a head of its time. I think now is the time to bring it back.

Ninver66d ago

Can't forget planetside. Another gem.

OG_TK_Cole66d ago

Well said @SullysCigar and @Ninver.
I forgot about Planetside. I use to spend nights playing that as well. SONY has way to many FPS titles to not be making none of them at all for the PlayStation. I really dont understand whats going on.

Ryuk_200767d ago

Took them 18 days to come to their conclusion. They first had to find out what an Xbox was lol

Alexious67d ago

Still much faster than the CMA.