Resident Evil 4 Remake's Lack of a Dodge Mechanic Feels Like a Necessary Departure

While Resident Evil 3 Remake added a brand-new dodge mechanic to the franchise, Resident Evil 4 Remake takes the dodge away for the better.

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-Foxtrot180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Funny they took little gameplay elements away with this one

Like the storage box, in RE2 and RE3 remakes you could store anything but in this one you can only store guns. I mean I get it it wants you to use inventory management but when you come across magnum ammo and you want to keep it for boss fights you have to carry it with you for ages. Even grenades, herbs, eggs can’t be stored just first aid canisters. Just seems strange to me.

I miss incendiary grenades aswell, they could have changed them to Molotov cocktails since enemies in the game use them and Leon always has a lighter with him.

GoodGuy09180d ago

One thing that can really bug me in video games is if the storage and inventory management sucks and unfortunately this game kinda does. I don't like the old storage being gone as well. Inventory management and being forced to use/craft/sell stuff for inventory space...I hate. Herbs and ammo at least should've also been able to go in as well. And it's better to sell off weapons and ammo you don't use unfortunately which forces you to stick with whatever weapon you only have ammo for and discourages changing to a new weapon type you want to later on. But hey, it's survival horror so gotta make it feel like one I guess. At least the auto sort works great.

Amazing game otherwise though. This one thing bugs me to no end however.

Knushwood Butt179d ago

You can store guns? Damn, I didn't realize and sold my base pistol to make room in my case.

VersusDMC179d ago

They kept it like OG RE4. I like that they added storage for guns as in the OG RE4 i had different save files for different Maxed out weapons.

Now i can max out a weapon put it in storage and max out the next one. All the weapons maxed out in my storage is going to look really nice.

I assume they didn't want you farming ammo on lower difficulties to use in higher difficulties for not letting you use storage? I am farming first aids though....

gleepot179d ago

You had ZERO storage in the original RE4. This game stays very faithful to the OG RE4.

ZeekQuattro180d ago

While Resident Evil 3 Remake added a brand-new dodge mechanic to the franchise, Resident Evil 4 Remake takes the dodge away for the better.

The original RE 3 & both Revelations games had a dodge mechanic. Revelations 1 much like the original RE 3 required you to time it to just before you get hit. Revelations 2 opted to give it a dedicated button and you could even crouch at will like in RE 4 remake. Anyway I don't see how giving the player less means of survival is a good thing. Dodging should be a series main stay. Not something they parade out from time to time depending on the the devs mood at the time. I also don't understand why they give you storage but you can only store guns and first-aids. Knives, herbs, eggs, grenades and ammo can't be stored for some bizarre reason. So you still end up having to manage your attache case despite storage boxes returning because you're stuck with items you should be able to pack away like in past RE games. Makes zero sense. I love the game and its definitely a GOTY contender but some of Capcom's game play decisions are odd.

Vanfernal180d ago

Ironically, RE3 Remake to me plays the best of all the modern RE games. Especial because of the dodge mechanic. I'm liking RE4 so far but the game has a very weighted feel to it and it's frustrating getting hurt by an enemy attack you saw coming just because Leon moves really slow overall.

Becuzisaid179d ago

He's much more nimble than in the original. Just the enemies are much faster as well.

Kornholic179d ago

Yeah. It feels like the controls are the biggest threat/enemy in Resident Evil 4 remake.

spirited179d ago

There should have been a dodge mechanic just like RE3 remake

Armyofdarkness179d ago

Tap R1.. works like a dodge, kinda

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Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of the best RE games, actually

Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of the most debated games in Capcom’s survival horror series, but it’s just as good as the remake of Resident Evil and 2019’s RE2.

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CrimsonWing693d ago (Edited 3d ago )

It’s a good game, but a terrible Remake.

I would choose the original over this Remake any day of the week. More areas, more enemies, more bosses, choice options, better unlockables, and I could go on and on.

If you go into this Remake as it’s own game and not compare it to what it’s, uh, Remaking, then yea it’s a solid game.

But I do not consider the Remake portion of this game to be “good,” like at all.

seanpitt232d ago

The remake was inferior to RE2R in everyway capcom even said the B team made it the physics was so dumbed down it was such a big disappointment the A team that made RE2 was busy making RE4R

Walalon2d ago

And the whole idea of Nemesis "looking for you" was ripped off entirely making this Remake more than a knock off lol

solideagle2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Didn't Capcom themselves
say the same thing that they will improve Quality and make Remake Lengthy or something along the same lines because RE3R was not received as good as RE2R critically

-Foxtrot2d ago

Not only that they literally snatched the RE4 off them and restarted development within the main team. That’s how bad the fallout was.

They tried to be cheap and it blew up in their face

It makes me super sad to think of how amazing RE3 could have been

We could have had hubs within the city to explore, to fully experience the Raccoon City downfall in all its glory…but they rushed it.

SyntheticForm2d ago

That boss fight on Inferno. Absolutely no.

GoodGuy093d ago

Sure it was scripted quite a bit but I enjoyed it. Really good replayability as well.

Dandizzle2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

When I look back at re2 re4 and re4 remakes to which I beat all of them at launch. Re3 is the one I recall having more fun more of the time. Re2 and re4 get over stressful on harder difficulties.

Re4 remake was also great, but I liked re3 remake better

NovusTerminus3d ago

I can't comment on the "remake" aspect as I never played 3, didn't like tank controls even back then.

But as far as the remake goes as a game, I've got like 40 hours in it and played it far more then the 2 remake. I absolutely enjoyed the combat engine and dodge mechanic.

nommers2d ago

I gotta agree with the replay value of the game. Despite the cut areas it still feels like you’re going through more areas than RE2 remake. That and the Nemesis isn’t as annoying as the Tyrant.

BlackTar1872d ago

lol you can beat the game in under 3 hours on your first thorough and under 45 mins on your second without even trying to rush. The game has less content then some demos.

nommers2d ago


Don’t exaggerate so hard. You’ll live longer.

BlackTar1872d ago

If you look up playtime you can see most people beat it between 3-5 hours on the first playthrough and the trophy for sprinter which is beat the game in under 2 hours is a high percentage trophy compared to any other speed run trophies. So no I won’t change what I said. I’d wager with the infinite rpg you could get that even lower then 45 mins. My actual save says 57 mins

nommers2d ago


You can beat a lot of games in under 3 hours as a speed runner. Who cares.

Average time play through says about 6 hours, but for full completion it says 20 1/2 hours. First time through for me I took my time and took about 8 hours. Then again I’m not trying to race through the game. That’s about the same time for RE2 remake for a first time through, which even with multiple paths doesn’t have much extra content outside any given run.