Resident Evil 4 Remake's Opening Sequence Proves the Game Stands the Test of Time

Resident Evil 4's opening sequence is one of the most iconic in gaming, and that's especially true for its appearance in Capcom's recent remake.

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P_Bomb71d ago

One of my favorite intro sequences ever.

Dirty_Lemons71d ago

Banged it on Hardcore as soon as I saw the description "if you've played Resident Evil (2005) before". Goddamn! Salvador was on my ass the entire time, intensity ramped up, no space to breath this time. Absolutely fantastic!

Becuzisaid71d ago

I wish I would have done hardcore. I find standard far easier than the original. The only spot I ran into trouble was at the checkpoint with the chainsaw twins. They got me a few times. Otherwise I'm blowing through the game.

Dirty_Lemons71d ago

It's a tricky one where the beginning was almost a case of 'can I do this first time, maybe I should drop the difficulty', but then after that intro it's much more manageable.