After Wolverine, Insomniac Should Take Black Panther For a Spin

Insomniac Games will expand its Marvel series with Marvel's Wolverine sometime in the future, and Black Panther should be adapted soon after.

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ApocalypseShadow190d ago (Edited 190d ago )

Black Panther would be cool. Representation is always great. But...

X-Men would be way better. See if Insomniac can handle multiple characters in one game backed by a great story. More inline with the classic teams. Who wouldn't want to see Professor Xavier leading the band of Mutants: Cyclops, Marvel Girl/Phoenix, Wolverine, Ice Man, Beast, Storm, Colossus, Night Crawler, Angel and maybe Banshee doing what they do. The epic roster of heroes and powers going up against a web of Mutants either backed by Magneto and his Acolytes or Apocalypse and his Horsemen, would be "uncanny." Uncanny X-Men that is.

More star potential. More sales potential. A great game could easily match Spider-Man sales. Even have Spider-Man do a cameo in it.

Godmars290189d ago

Right now, aside from insistence that they be in the MCU, there's not much call for the Xmen.

Oh, and of course everyone's excited for the cartoon remake/continuation.

And then there's the Wolverine game...


Know what. F**k what I said: there need to be an Xman Game!

xHeavYx189d ago

Wouldn't a Black Panther game be just like a Wolverine game? They are pretty much the same character (gameplay wise)

JimmyDM90189d ago

I really wish the Midnight Suns game had been an X-men game. It would have translated perfectly since MS already has a bunch of heroes hanging out in a mansion, building bonds, honing their powers and acting like teenagers.

sadraiden189d ago

I don't know why you typed out 75% of your comment. TONS of people would play an Xmen game. Even the GotG game was well received. I don't believe there "isn't a call". Do you talk to everybody?

senorfartcushion189d ago

Black Panther is more of a household name now than X-Men.

GhostScholar189d ago

I didn’t enjoy the black
Panther movies at all, but if it’s more comic book like im down.

Unknown_Gamer5794189d ago

Eh…I wouldn’t go that far. The MCU has certainly brought more and more heroes into the spotlight, so Black Panther is certainly more well-known now than they were, but X-Men is a long-established household name with or without the MCU.

RedDevils189d ago

Black Panther the movie was a borefest.

sadraiden189d ago

Only because of the overhyped movies and Chadwick Boseman's death. The movies are....fine.... but Xmen has decades of cultural saturation that BP just doesn't.

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shinoff2183189d ago

Id love to see a xmen game but my only thing, I would be scared theyd turn it into one of those online multiplayer games . I just like single player games myself. Hope that makes sense

JackBNimble189d ago

Considering the times we live in, I'd be more worried about a complete rebranding and name change. How long before the woke culture destroys the franchise over the x-men name?

And don't think it ain't coming because it is.

ApocalypseShadow189d ago

Single player but you get to play as any of the heroes. It would give gamers endless fun from the different powers.

And as an extra bonus, a Danger Room that you can change the parameters from Sentinels to evil versions of the good guys to any of the Evil Mutants in the game.

Danger Room could have a two player though.

Vengeance1138190d ago

Not even close to being a strong enough character to sell millions, the last movie didn't even do as well as the first. Far too many more popular characters to play around with.

SullysCigar189d ago

Agreed, there are far better options.

I'd rather they got the opportunity to try something outside of the superhero genre after Wolverine anyway. I realise that's sacrilege, with them being the best in the business, but they're bloody good at other types of games too! They even made a couple of great VR games a couple of years back.

senorfartcushion189d ago

Lord of the Rings had Shadow of Mordor and that was a GOTY contender than made loads of money. Who was the main character in that again?

shinoff2183189d ago

Black panther would definitely sell millions. I think itd be dope.

shinoff2183189d ago

The 2nd movie probably had issue with idk the main character from the first movie passing away.

lodossrage189d ago


If Chadwick didn't pass away that movie would have more than likely done better than the first. Shuri wasn't popular in the comics when she took over the panther mantle, which is why T'Challa was given it back so fast by the writers. Shuri was only the main character in part 2 was because they had no choice due to the death circumstance.

Black Panther as a character game would do just fine. I will say though, game play wise he'll be too similar to Wolverine.

They should try to give the Fantastic Four a shot. The Avengers and the X-men get enough love, try the FF for once.

Vengeance1138189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Sounds like excuses for failure. Pretty sure it wasn't a secret that Chadwick passed away, still have to find a way to improve on the original in any way they can. In the end they didn't as awful writing once again got in the way, case of the shoulda, woulda, couldas.

Also Fantastic Four??! Nobody on the planet cares about that dead team, how many attempts have they made to try to make them relevant and failed, 3? 4? There is a very good reason why we don't see an FF game and its exactly that they aren't strong enough.

lodossrage189d ago (Edited 189d ago )


What excuse? The LEAD ACTOR died.

YES, they still have to try to make quality movie. But guess what, they STILL have contracts to maintain. And I'm sorry, even if Shuri was great, she would still have fallen short simply BECAUSE she isn't Chadwick. And that alone hurts ANY movie

And as for the Fantastic Four, the reason I say them is because they NEVER got the same level of love that the Avengers or the X-men have. They're only a "dead" team because they aren't presented as important the way the Avengers or X-men ever were. Just because they made movies out of them doesn't mean REAL effort was made to make them relevant.

The reason I bring up making a game about them is because how many times do we have to keep seeing the Avengers or X-men?

Terry_B190d ago

No thank you, let them do Blade or Deadpool instead.

senorfartcushion189d ago

Deadpool I would play. The first game was even fun to play 😅

Terry_B189d ago

Lets say..it was well done ..especially when it comes to fan service :-)

solideagle189d ago

I would want them to revisit Resistance series :)

Terry_B189d ago

Everyone who is not a giant Marvel fan would want that..me included. But the question was about them doing another marvel game after their next two ^^

Would love a reboot of Resistance.

badz149189d ago

now that MS is buying ActiBliz and making CoD a hostile product for Sony, we might see them revisiting their own FPS IPs like Resistance and Killzone. include SOCOM in that too for good measure. we can dream

Inverno189d ago

I think they should tackle something original rather than be turnt into a Marvel game studio.

isarai189d ago

Same, i dont want to see them turned into a one trick pony for licensed marvel games.