From Resident Evil to Dead Space, the Horror Game Remake Trend Is Here To Stay

Remakes are pretty commonplace in video games today. With technology constantly improving, it makes sense that game developers would want to create updated versions of beloved games to be enjoyed by nostalgic gamers and younger generations.

However, many gamers may have noticed that certain types of games get remade more frequently than others. One type of game that has seen many remakes recently is horror titles.

Dead Space, Silent Hill, and Resident Evil have all had or are making remakes for entries in their franchises, and there are even more to come. This leaves gamers to ponder why horror games receive remakes more than any other genre.

gangsta_red190d ago

Playing Dead Space now and while it's good, I feel it's in the same category as an unnecessary Hollywood movie remake. At least with RE remakes, the game mechanics and visuals are updated, I just don't feel any of that in this new DS.

GotGame818190d ago

Nintendo would be smart to Remake Eternal Darkness for its Switch 2 release!

RaidenBlack189d ago

Honestly, Now all I want is an official & faithful F.E.A.R remake
(Trepang2 is a really promising indie spiritual successor but I hope an official remake gets greenlit as well)

MadLad189d ago

Still easily one of the best shooters made. Too bad 2 and 3 sucked pretty hard and felt nothing like the original.

RaidenBlack188d ago

Yep, FEAR 2 was CoD-ified and FEAR 3 was .... umm, lets just leave that ...

TheEnigma313189d ago

I would love an Alone in the Dark reboot.

MadLad189d ago

They're actually working on a remake. Also, I feel the need to say I'm one of the weird ones that actually really enjoyed the 2008 reboot. There's was some real jank there, but you can tell a lot of effort was put on and it was pretty unique.

RaidenBlack188d ago

With RE4 and SH2 Remake, the Alone in the Dark remake is flying pretty well under the radar ...
I wish the devs announced and released the remake last year, well before the recent horror remakes, instead of now going head 2 head with SH2 hype and RE4 praise ... will be tough, ngl
Hope Alone in the Dark delivers and succeeds ...

MadLad189d ago

Would love a remake/reboot of the game. It's definitely a forgotten classic.


"Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways" Review \\ paulsemel

This short but sweet add-on makes this survival horror shooter even better (and different).

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rpad12d ago

is it true that Journey's "Separate Ways" is looped in the background for the entire DLC?

beerhound12d ago

Yes, but it's the version Slayer did for the "Less Than Zero" soundtrack.

VersusDMC12d ago

It is great so far. Well worth the 10 bucks.

Levii_9212d ago

The whole RE4 Remake pacakge is beyond godlike now. The game is so sick and filled with sooo much content and the game was already very meaty on that front, i can't believe this DLC is only 10 bucks i mean truly amazing job by Capcom here and the mercenaries mode is just STUPID how fun and great it is. This my game of year easily.


Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023 has just announced its winners

"Feardemic are today very thrilled & proud to announce the winners (yes, "Resident Evil 4 Remake" is on the list) of its Fear Fest Horror Game Awards 2023 event." - Feardemic.

roadkillers24d ago

Either REmake4 or Dead Space deserved it.

TGG_overlord24d ago

Well...Life is far from fair...

roadkillers24d ago

Well, REmake4 won so... it was fair today :)


Every Resident Evil game Leon is featured in, ranked

GF365: "The iconic survival horror franchise Resident Evil boasts a great number of popular and memorable characters. Arguably, Leon S. Kennedy is the most popular and recognizable character aside from Jill Valentine. In this article, we'll be counting down every Resident Evil game Leon is featured in, ranked."

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Babadook732d ago

Yeah I figured it would be ordered like this. For me Leons best game was his debut. RE2.