Atari Releases Hard To Find Items

Great news for Atari fans and collectors. Today, Atari has opened its archive and has made hard-to-find items available for a limited time on, including 100 Atari VCS Collector’s Edition Base Units and very small quantities of the very first games released in the new Atari XP cartridge line. (45) Limited Edition 3-Game Atari sets.

XiNatsuDragnel67d ago

Expensive as hell but you know ppl will buy it lol and hey more unreleased product for us to enjoy.

MadLad67d ago

That's really not bad considering they're collector's pieces and what they are.

Garethvk67d ago

They are nice bits of nostalgic collectibles.

Garethvk67d ago

Exactly. They will pay no matter what and flip it.

Stanjara67d ago

Atari making some great moves lately.

Garethvk67d ago

Indeed. Between new licenses and some fun updates they were rolling