Resident Evil 4 Remake "Separate Ways" DLC Discovered By Dataminer

It's going to be a busy year for Resident Evil 4 between a new game mode and potential DLC that stars Leon Kennedy's favorite frenemy.

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-Foxtrot72d ago

I loved Separate Ways in the original but the voice actress they got this time

Like damn…she just sounds so bored

Bring back the actor from the RE2 Remake

VersusDMC72d ago

Who knows why they didn't cast the original mocap and voice actress as she doesn't have anything on the imdb that suggests she was busy.

Sucks that they chose the actress from the awful Welcome to Racoon City movie as a replacement though...maybe they cast her before they saw the movie.

-Foxtrot72d ago

Only thing I can think of is either

The RE2 actor is in the union and Capcom don’t want to touch that at all


They thought the Welcome to Raccoon City film was going to take off so they decided to nab someone from the film to be in this for free promotional stuff. The film flopped, and they were stuck with her.

ZwVw72d ago

As a similar instance with Shadow Warrior 3 (VA for Lo Wang being replace), Capcom replaced the actress from RE2 R with a person of Asian descent to try to appear politically correct.

Profchaos72d ago

Man I really am the only one in the world that liked that movie

iNcRiMiNaTi72d ago

Yeah the voice actress this time around sounded like she just wanted a paycheck and leave. RE2 remake Ada was way better. I looked it up and the VA this time around is the same person that did Ada in that horrible live action reboot

cammers199572d ago

Correct about union.

Alyson Court confirmed she was replaced in revelations 2 because of this after having been Claire's actress from the start. It was a shock to everyone. Capcom doesn't work with unions. It's why ada was replaced in future games after 4 OG.

Levii_9271d ago

The rose tinted glasses are a fascinating thing. The original Ada sounded ''bored'' too that was the intent because Capcom wanted to make her soo cool and mysterious and shit, the difference however is that the original Ada sounded way better being mysterious and bored or her voice actress did.

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P_Bomb72d ago

I just re-ran Separate Ways last week. Always liked that Ada.

Good-Smurf72d ago

Since when Separate Ways a potential DLC?
Takes a damn dataminer to find this out as well the old fans knew the extra modes already in the game not something they "released" later on, modern gaming man...
GTFOH with The Mernaries being a new game mode, you ain't fooling anyone Gamespot.