Resident Evil 4 Remake launch 29% bigger than the GameCube original | UK Boxed Charts

Boxed sales bigger than 2020's Resident Evil 3 remake, but below 2021's Resident Evil Village and 2019's Resident Evil 2. 73% of Resident Evil 4's boxed sales were on PS5, 14% on the Xbox consoles, and 13% on PS4. These splits will likely not be as extreme when the digital data comes in, as Xbox tends to have a stronger digital share vs physical.

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Nyxus61d ago

Atelier Ryza 3 debuts at #32.

JEECE61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Lol the "install base" strategy is once again shown to be nonsense. PS5 version of RE4 Remake outsold the PS4 version by more than 5-1 (73% to 13%).

Lol when Ragnorak came out and the PS4 version flopped compared to PS5 I predicted the RE4 split would be 5-1 or 6-1 and came out right in the middle.

Aloymetal61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

''Lol the "install base" strategy is once again shown to be nonsense. PS5 version of RE4 Remake outsold the PS4 version by more than 5-1 (73% to 13%).''
Exactly! The weird part is that this kinda thing happens most of the time with cross gen games so that whole nonsense of install base is moot like you said.

CrimsonWing6961d ago

Yea it’s funny because in theory the whole
Point of cross-gen was because they’d “sell more” on the console with a larger install base, yet every single time I see the current-gen sales outshine last-gen. It’s so dumb that we’re still stuck in cross-gen this deep into current-gen.

Let it go already, people. Let’s get some games that start looking like those Unreal 5 demos for chrissake.

Aloymetal61d ago

I have downloaded that 1st U5 demo on my pc and once in a while I play it just to admire the amazing graphics and lighting. Just incredible. Maybe we'll start seeing games with that amount of details by the end of this gen or even earlier.

DarXyde61d ago

Install base arguments are a bit strange because they often assume mutual exclusivity. You can't pit the full size of the PS4 base against the full PS5 base because there's a ton of overlap and people aren't out here buying the game twice.

In reality, it makes more sense to say the PS4 sales *potential* is "PS4 minus number of PS5's sold". People are very unlikely to buy an inferior version if they own both platforms.

Aloymetal61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

'' 73% of Resident Evil 4's boxed sales were on PS5, 14% on the Xbox consoles,''
''13% on PS4''. Glad to see most PS gamers supporting the PS5 even though there are more PS4's out there.

Hofstaderman61d ago

People waiting for it on GamePass?

Aloymetal61d ago

Look at all those downvotes, there's nothing worse than facts and truth. It hurts;)

DivineHand12560d ago

There is very little reason for it to be released on game pass since I don't recall there ever being a resident evil game released on the service. The Remake is more likely to end up on PSN.

Not sure I can explain why the sales are significantly lower but my hypothesis is that there are significantly more PS5 consoles sold in the UK compared to the Xbox and at this time it is not clear how much the series S has sold compared to the series X. The series S is highly recommended by gaming influencers because of its price while very little is said about the series X due to it's lack of AAA titles on par with Sony's offerings. To change the perception of the Xbox, Microsoft will have to come out in a big way. Hopefully pushing the use of UE5 and releasing hell blade 2

RedDevils60d ago

Those cheapskate will do just that lol.

DarXyde60d ago

If so, I'm genuinely curious to know how developers feel about that: seeing people wait with the expectation that it will release on subscription services. It seems to work for devs who have little hope of their software selling gangbusters, but the expectation and entitlement with AAA titles is palpable when sales are poor.

It almost feels like desperation from developers where they invested the resources into making it and they kind of just capitulate and put it on the service. It's a good way to give titles a second life, but if people are just skipping it until it does (desire being interested early on), that's really unfortunate.

MadLad60d ago


They had Resident Evil 7 on the service for a good while.
Capcom and Microsoft actually have a healthy relationship when it comes to their games and Gamepass.

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Moegooner61d ago

86% of sales on PS consoles. No wonder MS is heading towards purchasing publishers. It's the only way they can remain relevant in the gaming market.

Aloymetal61d ago

''No wonder MS is heading towards purchasing publishers.''
It is their only option, they tried everything else with no luck, even gamepass which is already 6yrs old hasn't flipped anything in their favor.

TheEnigma31361d ago

They've tried everything but release games at a decent pace.

badz14961d ago

they will say Sony make the deal with Capcom so the game will sell better on PS

Hereandthere61d ago

PlayStation saving the gaming industry single handily, sooner than later many 3rd parties ware going to skip Xbox altogether, Xbox will blame playstation.

ufo8mycat61d ago

You know which such low sales on XBox, 3rd Party Publishers deciding to skip releasing on XBox is not that far fetched. Why bother putting work into a platform no one is buying?

neutralgamer199261d ago

That's why Microsoft are buying publishers. If sales dip why would a publisher release it

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