Final Fantasy XVI At Pax East

The covering staff of Skewed and Reviewed at Pax East shared a look at FFXVI.

Flawlessmic72d ago

the more i see, the more i can tell this is gonna be my game of the year!!.

whoever gets my pick this yr will have really earnt it as across all 3 systems there are some big bangers coming, so it will be a tough decision, but ff 16 just looks so freaking epic!! trust in yoshi p!!

Garethvk72d ago

They made an impressive pitch.

Traecy72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Looks to be a GOTY contender including best rpg of 2023.

Garethvk71d ago

Many think it has the potential.

MeteorPanda71d ago

my only concern is big open worlds with no explorative intuitive, will monsters just stand there like mobs placed in a map? Will they interact with anything in the world?

I hate how it's still acceptable to make monsters just...stand there. Elden ring did it beautifully, hell even World of warcraft have nice mob interactions, monster hunter does it in grand turf wars.

Please let the open world feel like a world and not an environment with fauna littered about.

jznrpg71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

It’s not open world . They said it’s not fully linear but not fully open either

Flawlessmic71d ago

do tell how elden ring enemies interacted with the world?

iv played through it twice mind you any they were the same as any other enemy placements/actions, almost always standing in the same spot waiting for me to get close enough to get there attention, either that or very short walking paths.

I mean i dont disagree with your point but elden ring is not the example to use.

MeteorPanda71d ago

Really? You don't see the God of Death on the backs of crabs as they dig at corpses? You don't see the knights in their little area? The Dragons and their followers?

They are a part of the world. Not just...scattered in with a brush. Final Fantasy 14, the game the devs partially came from is so tragic to look at. Heres 7 sabre tooth tigers, to their left. 6 birds.

Flawlessmic71d ago (Edited 71d ago )

Cant say I noticed those things outside of the followers, good attention to the details though. another one would be the miners in the cave actually mining.

by the same token you have enemies just standing hiding behind a wall or in the corner of a room you just walked in doing absolutely nothing lol

I follow your point, Elden ring might dress it up a little bit better and have some enemies that have more rhyme & reason to them but effectively its a mob making the same action for that place or enemy waiting for you to get close enough to interact.

whether its a sabre tooth walking aimlessly or a crab eating a corpse until i interact with it, its really the same thing, one is just dressed up a little better.

i dont think it adds that much tbh, if enemies has there own complete routines then yea that would be sick but we know that not possible unless we want games that take 10 yrs to come out.

Garethvk71d ago

They were too busy tearing up players.

Garethvk71d ago

I think fans will go for it but non-fans or casual ones may not be as tempted.

repsahj71d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 monsters are epic. They interact to the gaming world more than those on elden ring. But honestly elden ring graphics is a bit mediocre to me. Good thing it is a great game overall.

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repsahj71d ago

Every time FF16 has a new video, it's the same reaction. Wow!

Garethvk71d ago

People are excited but cautious.