Resident Evil 4 Village Fight Can Be Skipped by a Simple Trick

You can skip the Resident Evil 4 village fight in Chapter 1 just by doing this very simple trick which needs just one gunshot.

ActualEngineer181d ago

The whole game can be skipped by not buying it, aswell.

hiawa23181d ago

But, it is a geat game. Why would anyone do that?

FullmetalRoyale181d ago

Why would anyone look to skip a boss fight?

P_Bomb181d ago

Going for the S+ rank trophies requires a speedrun. Personally I hate speedrun trophies.

TGG_overlord180d ago

My point exactly...I play games for the thrill, challenge and fun of it...So I don't want to skip anything.

roadkillers180d ago

It’s a fun Easter egg that very few would find out themselves. I didnt

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cammers1995181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

Go play Fortnite then kid. Very likely RE4 wins game of the year this year. You're missing out!

CrimsonWing69181d ago

Well, hold up, let’s have a discussion here. Do you not like the game? If you don’t, why is that?

I’m curious at what your perspective is if you don’t like it.

ActualEngineer181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I'm trying to get the point across of "if the game is so good, why skip content?". Also this game, and the original, are passed around as if they were god-sent games, yet they always were linear corridor shooters with simple puzzle mechanics, good graphics and an extremely underwhelming cheesy story. CHILL WITH THIS GAME.

cluclap180d ago

@actualengineer you do realize you can't apply your fatigue of corridor shooters to this game right? As it kinda invented its own mechanic and there was nothing like it at the time. Of course you'll feel that way now after hundreds of copy cats but this is the OG baby.

CrimsonWing69180d ago


People can skip content to help speed run the game.

You get unlockables for beating the game quickly. Also, it can make it easier to beat on extreme difficulties to unlock the infinite ammo item.

The game is fantastic. I don’t see why anyone needs to be upset of people just expressing how much they like the game.

There’s nothing wrong with linear style games. However, this game isn’t totally linear. It requires backtracking, there’s options to tackle specific areas in whatever order you want, and there’s optional exploration.

You have to give props to the original as well. It set an industry standard at the gimme that many improved throughout the generations.

EmperorDalek181d ago

That's pretty cool actually, I wouldn't have thought of that.

181d ago
ZeekQuattro181d ago

Will definitively do this in future playthroughs. In the original once you killed Chain Saw guy it wrapped up. In the remake its drawn out even after his death. Nice to see there's a work around.

Wintersun616180d ago

You don't have to kill the chain saw guy in the remake. It's time based. All I did was run away from the mob, collecting everything I could along the way, avoiding wasting ammo for nothing and eventually the bell started ringing and it was over.

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Barlos1d 15h ago

She does look great, very monotone though. A bit of emotion in the voice acting wouldn't have gone amiss though. Having said that, it wouldn't be Resident Evil without some ropey VA.


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VersusDMC1d 23h ago

I finished it at 7 hours doing everything i could. Pretty good for 10$. Especially since the base game was 60 for all gens so it's a wash. They changed alot so you will be surprised even if you played the original. As addictive as usual so if you enjoyed or platinumed the base game this is a no brainer.

Only downside is the Ada voice is the same...

TheColbertinator1d 11h ago

Her voice actress is not good and the casting director chose wrong.

VersusDMC1d 10h ago

Could be that they hired her without audition because she was in the Welcome to racoon city movie as Ada? They probrably thought that Hollywood couldn't make a bad choice, right?

Hopefully they change her for future appearances.