God of War Ragnarök Voice Actor Reportedly Claims the Sequel "isn’t the last you’ve seen of Tyr"

From GameWatcher: "Ben Prendergast, the voice actor behind God of War Ragnarök's Tyr has reportedly claimed that we haven't seen the last of the Norse god when we rolled credits on the highly acclaimed sequel.

The actor apparently teased a potential return of GoW: Ragnarök's Tyr during a panel dedicated to the game hosted during last weekend's PAX East 2023 event."

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Eonjay69d ago

I could definitely see this. It is revealed way back in GOW 2018 that Tyr is the most traveled of all the characters in the the GOW universe bar none.

-Foxtrot69d ago

Yeah I could see this if Tyr travels around

If Kratos goes to Egypt for example I could definitely see him bring Mimir along and Freya then bump into Tyr

Just don’t see the point in building up these characters and letting them go so easy. Kratos and Freya have really good chemistry when she’s your companion.

victorMaje68d ago

Agreed, & personally I enjoyed the moments with Freya more than the ones with Atreus.
I’d welcome more of the two of them next.

-Foxtrot68d ago

Oh totally

I cared more for Freya than Atreus and I’m hoping to god the next one won’t focus on him

I just thought he was pretty flat by himself

His story is over, he’s off on his own now, so hopefully they will let him be.

Bobertt68d ago

I don't think Freya will travel with him to Egypt she might show up to help in a big boss fight but with Odin, Thor, and her brother gone there is no one else to lead or protect that realm so she will likely stay behind as the Queen.

-Foxtrot68d ago

Possibly but I just assumed the last thing any civilian would want is more Gods to look over them after Odin, Thor etc

Andrew33669d ago

Hopefully the next game isn't mediocre. The actual Ragnarok event was underwhelming and lame.

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Shane Kim68d ago

Well you are in the huge minority.

Droppedez68d ago

I loved the game enough to platinum it, but I can agree. The Ragnarok event was one of the weakest points of the game.

Levii_9268d ago

The whole game was kind of underwhelming IMO. Slow ass pacing, Atreus sections, no agency, barely any hype, Faye was a useless character, Atreus voice actor's delivery was bland and bad, Ragnarok was not memorable at the end of the game and just one side character died at the end... no stakes at all. Wow. Disappointing game.

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iivGHOST69d ago

Cant wait had a blast getting the platinum for this one

jznrpg68d ago (Edited 68d ago )



They could do a couple games out of the ending.

One for Atreus finding the Giants .

The other seemed like Freyr was going to travel with Kratos as a team beyond Midgard and the realms .
It could have been meant for just clearing up the rest of the game but I intially took it as they were going to travel to other lands.
In both of those scenarios you could see Tyr as he loved the giants and he had traveled to other lands and had connections with other peoples.

No matter what they do I’ll be ready it buy it day one.

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