Microsoft says it has stopped its Xbox Game Pass $1 trial offer

Microsoft is looking at different offers for new subscribers

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yarbie100069d ago (Edited 69d ago )

This is just the beginning. Look for prices to continue to rise cause Xbox Game Pass isn't sustainable in it's current form. They gonna make you pay for Call of Duty one way or another. It was fun while it lasted. Hopefully they don't shut down the VPN loophole cause i'm definitely out if I gotta pay full price. Cause Game Pass is not worth $15 a month with its current offerings.

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Eonjay69d ago

In case people still don't get it, Microsoft's wants to put COD on PSPlus. That's their whole plan. Period. Full stop. Obviously Sony would have to put it on Premium in order to absorb the licensing costs and even then they would have to raise their price. Microsoft would raise GamePass prices too.

This would turn Call OF Duty from Sonys biggest Rev stream into their biggest expense. And it would force them to raise Plus prices or prevent them from making money at all. So Microsoft is holding a gun to Sonys head. That's why Jim is fighting. And so would you.

Get ready to see subscription prices soar. Microsofts plan is to make PlayStation their biggest customer.

This is what I would do if I couldn't innovate and capture the market through my own work.

Hereandthere69d ago

For real, thats the whole plan?

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Profchaos68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Or they don't pay that licensing fee and Microsofts claims go up in smoke

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sammarshall10268d ago

@Hayter Chances are that Jim was not only looking out for Sony but also for us gamers

I can't see how COD doesn't change for the worst if it's going to be put on a $15 service

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DarXyde69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Value is subjective, of course. I think there are people who would pay $30/mo knowing there's still an extraordinary amount of content if we're being objective.

However, I do agree that you will see a massive dropoff in subs. Closing this loophole was absolutely inevitable, and, while you do have plenty of people who pay $15/mo gladly, there are quite a few people who exploit the $1 cost.

Will the cost increase with the acquisition of ABK (if successful)? I really don't know about that. I think Game Pass can remain at its current cost or less IF Microsoft succeeds in their AI pursuits —if we get to the point that entire games can be designed with AI. That would be disastrous for the industry and the labour force, but great for Microsoft and the consumer. Games like Call of Duty had a history of asset recycling and it's kind of the perfect test subject for Microsoft as an annual franchise. The acquisitions also allow all of the previous content to be on the service without investing in their development. It's allowing content they didn't actually develop to be there in perpetuity because they own it. At this point, it's just cost to maintain the servers.

It isn't a foregone conclusion that prices increase. I think they will at least temporarily because they're likely looking to maximize profit. If they successfully eliminate the competition? Oh yeah. Increase for sure.

Andrew33669d ago

Fun fact. I could spend $70 on mlb the show on ps5 or I could take that $70 and get almost 5 months of game pass and play mlb the show as well on top of Stanfield just to name one other game.

RedDevils68d ago

Go play it, it's an old game after all.

Z50168d ago

What if you only wanna play MLB?
Value is subjective.

FinalFantasyFanatic68d ago

One game is fine for me, I'll just wait for a sale or something, I don't have the time to play more than one or two games a month now anyway.

S2Killinit68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

You have the same option on PSNow though.

MrNinosan68d ago

Except PSNow doesn't exist.
PS+ Extra or Premium howerver.

jlove4life68d ago

I here Stanfield is great spoiler alert Jerry and Kramer make a visit but Elaine and nazi chef is dlc

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thesoftware73068d ago

The beginning of them not giving the service away for $1? The start of them closing the "loophole" and doing what every other service does?

You are that type of gamer huh? plays in the Xbox eco-system constantly, secretly love it, but pretend that you don't, either to fit in or just in denial.

Wrex36968d ago

Armchair analysis is always great to hear with such confidence.

Lightning7768d ago

It's every day on here. They go to extreme cases then it never pans out the way that they hope.

The fact is the price will increase MS said it themselves late last year. With all these day one third party games lately plus its own exclusives releasing this year the price will go up I think late this year it will raise.

lelo2play68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

$1 offer wasn't going to last forever, and everybody knew it.
Game Pass is already profitable, and, with the exclusives it's getting in the next few months it will increase subscriptions.

1konrad68d ago

$1 isn't enought for cost of servers, so no more quality games.

FinalFantasyFanatic68d ago

The was obvious, it was coming sooner or later, they had to raise the price of Game Pass somehow. And with the amount of people exploiting the $1 trial offer, it's no surprise that they not only closed the loop hole, but just ended the offer all together. I would not be surprised if they increased the price of subscriptions in the near future.

Lightning7768d ago

They will. I think late this year the price will raise. MS said it themselves late last year.

porkChop68d ago

"Cause Game Pass is not worth $15 a month with its current offerings"

So access to hundreds of games including dozens of recent AAA games isn't worth $15 per month. But spending $70 for one game is worth it? I can understand not wanting to pay for a subscription. That's fine. But saying it's about value is a bs argument and you know it.

S2Killinit68d ago

Lol yup.

here it comes (: enjoy your services.

lelo2play68d ago

Nobody is forcing you.
Enjoy paying 80€ for each game.

S2Killinit68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Paying less than you for gaming.

Nobody forcing you either.

343_Guilty_Spark68d ago

How is it not worth $15?

Civilization IV
Age of Empires
Guilty Gear Rise
Atomic Heart
Hi-Fi rush
Persona 4&5
Ghost wire Tokyo
High on Life

I mean even if you say these games are only worth $20 a piece that’s still over $100 in value plus multiplayer access and cloud streaming

S2Killinit68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Thats a misrepresentation of how much its going to cost you. For one thing, how many months do you pay to enjoy all the games you listed. (Even assuming you would have played/paid for all of them)

Lightning7768d ago

Exo Primal, Redfall, Starfield, Hell Blade 2 hopefully late this year.

343_Guilty_Spark68d ago


Even if I only complete 1 game a month … assuming they retail for $70 (average is probably closer to $45). That’s $840 a year, but I’m paying $15 a month so $180.

Compared to the competition if I bought $70 game each month it’s $840.

shinoff218367d ago

The silly thing about your argument 343 is that alot of us still like to own our games thats what you guys on xbox keep missing. Sure ill gamepass on xbox, but I still buy on ps. I do have ps plus but really ive just been playing games I own.

Ownership is key

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Sonic188168d ago (Edited 68d ago )

It was fun while it lasted though. I expect it to go up around $25 to $30 dollars a month

wiz719168d ago

Isn’t sustainable ?? It being 18% of MS revenue in 2021 bringing in $2.9B of the $16.28B they made isn’t sustainable?? It’s literally brining in billions. Just because they’re taking the $1 option away doesn’t mean they’re changing the prices. Ppl be so ass backwards , ppl been taking advantage of the $1 for a month sometimes it be $1 for 3 months for so long. Or maybe the ppl complaining on this thread thinking of a price increase doesn’t even have a Xbox or gamepass. It’s not worth the $15 a month lol you definitely don’t have the service. Paying $15 a month .. I get access to the whole gamepass library Xbox and PC , EA Access , discounts that be up to 90% off on some games , can cloud play games on my phone or tablet on the go , and also get they monthly Live Gold free games (even though the been ass recently) but still all for $15 a month. That’s not worth $15 to you ??? Or mayyyyybe you don’t even have a xbox to begin with.

P_Bomb68d ago

Service wise, I pay more for Netflix (and only keep it around for the kids). FAR more value in GP than Canadian Netflix imho. Crave is even worse. Especially now that TLOU is over.

sinspirit68d ago

Revenue is not profit.

They already said before that GamePass is not profitable. Basic napkin math can show you how much GamePass misses out on direct sales, and especially when there are actually consistent first party AAA titles they lose out on billions of profit because subscribers would only pay dollars to play the one game rather than full retail. They even said themselves recently that it cannabilizes game sales. What sounds better to you as a dev? 1 million sales at $70 each or 3 million for a few bucks each? For a franchise that sells millions it exponentially loses even more. This is why major AAA games don't come to GamePass on their own. MS has paid them upfront before they earn anything through engagement. GamePass can only become more costly over time. It is not sustainable, and again, this has been said by MS themselves.

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FallenAngel198469d ago

All those people cheering for the Activision deal to go through will start to see that there will be setbacks

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DarXyde69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

Yes and no.

Microsoft is pretty serious about AI game development. Ideally, AI works alongside a full team of developers to eliminate crunch and allow for better work-life balance. In reality, it's very likely to eliminate jobs.

I only hope that people push back relentlessly against ANY corporation looking to eliminate jobs to maximize profit. If they keep the jobs and just support them with AI, I cannot really have much issue there. But yeah, that is the most problematic outcome in my opinion.

RedDevils68d ago

There should a law against that BS.

DarXyde68d ago

Much agreed, RedDevils.

Unfortunately, Microsoft is a trillion dollar company and the United States is a plutocracy.

The only way to move the needle in favor of labor is to get bodies in the streets. I'm talking about massive, frequent, and prolonged general strikes.

I'm an American, and I cannot tell you enough how inspiring and depressing it is to see the French people in the streets over raising the retirement age or Indian people launching a massive (and largely not covered in US media) general strikes.

FinalFantasyFanatic68d ago

For me, it's more of an ethical dilemma, you have to train that AI on other people's work anyway, so should those people get paid for it in some way? Even if it's through some sort of royalty or something?

I think AI is potentially a great thing and will greatly improve humanity's quality of life, but there's so many ethical/morality issues that need to be sorted out first. I don't want to see jobs go, but it's inevitable, although I think AI should be a supporting tool and not the main show if you know what I mean.

DarXyde68d ago


That's exactly what I mean, mate. AI in a supporting role is fine, but if we're talking about eliminating jobs, that is extremely problematic.

Unfortunately, the latter is likely to happen because, as history continues to show, employee compensation, employment, and benefits are often the last things on their minds (if at all). If they can cut their labor force and maximize profit, they will. ANY corporation operating in the States would, I'm sure.

It's upsetting to think this can happen since I couldn't imagine doing something so far removed from sympathy for your fellow human... But of course they would do it because no one's looking to stop it.

crazyCoconuts68d ago

Did you guys not learn about the industrial revolution? The benefits of free market destroying inefficient jobs but creating new and better jobs? I mean this is basic macro economic stuff

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Unknown_Gamer579468d ago

They don’t see the big picture and only care about CoD being on Gamepass.

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XiNatsuDragnel69d ago

This is the beginning folks I'm sorry to say gp rn isn't sustainable or healthy to xbox rn.

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lelo2play68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

GamePass is already profitable... even without exclusives.
With exclusives, it will increase subscriptions.

Flakegriffin68d ago

They’ve yet to prove that it’s profitable and revenue doesn’t not equal profits.

sinspirit68d ago

So in regard to services and content overall it's profitable but he won't say GamePass itself is profitable by itself, when we recently had MS say it wasn't profitable last year as well. With the lack of big AAA games lately I can see it not being super costly at the moment, but as soon as they lose millions of direct sales from finally catching up on first party releases on a consistent basis it will become more and more costly.

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Flakegriffin68d ago

@sinspirit it’s always a play of words with Microsoft. They know most people read the title only and not the full story.

There’s a reason we don’t know how much profit it’s made. Just the percentage in revenue.

P_Bomb69d ago

The dollar dream is over. Heckuva run tho, with the loophole. Great value.

crazyCoconuts69d ago

I'm shedding a few tears on this one. I've done it like 6 times or so, and was hoping to use it on Starfield if it's good. Well we knew it had to end eventually

P_Bomb69d ago

I feel ya. I’m good til December so fortunately I should catch Starfield. Not sure if I’ll catch Forza Motorsport tho.

VenomUK68d ago

LinkedIn is the professional social network Microsoft bought in 2016. The price has risen in that time, multiple times. For me it can be useful and last year I was being offered a monthly subscription for £15.95 (already a rise since the MS purchase) but this year I was being offered a monthly subscription for £34.95! Almost double.

VenomUK68d ago

*Correction: more than double.

Mcardle68d ago

Loophole still works, just have to buy one month of Gamepass at full price.

crazyCoconuts68d ago

True. When you look at it like it's a $10 game rental for a month, it's definitely disputable if it's worth it... It may be for new games that you really want to play

crazyCoconuts68d ago

Oh and it seems for people that do the stack 3 years of gold and upgrade it all for the price of 1 month GPUltimate still seems to work. That's a big loophole

Deathdeliverer69d ago

Time to get that money back. No more samples. Time to see a return on these purchases.

crazyCoconuts69d ago

Well, we can still snipe a $60 game for $10 if you can finish it in a month. So there's still a way to cheese it

crazyCoconuts68d ago

@ninver it's not like it's illegal. If MS expected you to stick around for multiple months they'd put a minimum term on the subscription