Q*bert Coming To PS3 Next Week

Sony Online Entertainment is bringing the fuzzy orange Noser to the PlayStation Store next Thursday for the low-low retro price of $4.99. Gottlieb's classic arcade game will feature 720p resolution graphics and Worldwide Online Leaderboards for high scores.

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Marty83704892d ago (Edited 4892d ago )


HAPPY70 - Games & downloadable Content is not free.But Online play etc is completely free.Movie trailers and game demo's I believe will be free.Can't believe your moaning about a $5.99 price tag.

BIadestarX4891d ago

I think the price is ok for those that liked this game and want to feel nostalgic with it. I'm a bit confuse about what you said, "But Online play etc is completely free" Are you saying this game will have co-op or multiplayer? If not why are you mention it?

0LDSCH00L4892d ago

I thought everything on the PS3 was free?

MaximusPrime4892d ago

i think trial version will be free to download. if you like the game, buy the full version. Xbox live did the same.