Star Fox, a Thirty Year Reunion

WTMG's Leo Faria: "I respect the hell out of Star Fox for what it was setting out to do in 1993. You gotta love how feisty Nintendo was being, proving the naysayers wrong with their whole “bit wars” schtick. That doesn’t mean I have to like this game… as a game. It’s just not very good. It was a proof of concept, a big fat tech demo. If anything, we ended up getting Star Fox 64, one of the best games of all time (don’t at me) four years later, so that alone is enough to validate the original Star Fox‘s existence. It also marked the beginning of arguably Nintendo’s most neglected and disrespected franchise alongside F-Zero. One I sure hope won’t die with that disgraceful Wii U title as its swan song, its last hoorah. Happy anniversary, you weird, ugly, barely polygonal monstrosity. At the end of the day, we still love you."

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SimpleSlave68d ago

I would love it if Nintendo finally did a Chorus type Star Fox game at this point. I think with their characters and their "Nintendo Appeal" - whatever that is - they could bring back Star Fox as a main franchise.

The Chorus game design, or even a Crimson Skies style to a lesser extent, would make for a great template to get Star Fox up and running again and get the franchise out of the rut it's suffering from.

Sure, they can go back to the SNES/N64 era gameplay but...really? Meh. Maybe they can use that corridor gameplay style for a smaller game, released between the big releases, or as Boss Levels at the end of each free roaming chapter for that added "Cinematic Flair".

Star Fox certainly deserves better.

Godmars29068d ago

Don't you mean a No Man Sky, only not really. Bit more scripted with an open world after game just in the Lylat system.

SimpleSlave68d ago

No. The game Chorus is the perfect way to bring Star Fox out of the old ways and into the new while still retaining the charm of the series. No need to bloat the game design with a No Man Sky type of open world. That would be counterproductive and just too much of a departure for the series. We'll have another Dinosaur Planet/Star Fox Adventure in our hands and tank the series once again. No thanks.
Go watch a walkthrough of Chorus. That's a design Nintendo could excel at with this franchise while keeping the charm and concept close to the series origins but also moving it forward enough that it can flourish in a bigger scale. It's perfect.

OtterX68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

"It’s just not very good."

You wash that filthy mouth!

--It really was something you had to be there for and experience during the early 90's, I understand haha