Blizzard Likely To Get Things Right With Diablo IV

Azfar Rayan from NoobFeed writes - It's been a while since we've been waiting to play Diablo IV, and we only have to wait till June 6 to play the full game. Blizzard has promised a lot of things, including not heavily relying on microtransactions. If things go as we've experienced in the betas, we can exact a solid game after all. Only time will tell.

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Anomander72d ago

After two beta weekends with Diablo 4 the game feels solid. The only request I would have is to have them out in a LT skills modifier so we can equip more skills. 6 skills doesn't feel like it's enough especially when items can drop specific skills for you to use as well they you may have not spect out. With that said the 6 that they give you is do able, you just have to focus on your skill tree and make some sacrafices.

Flawlessmic72d ago

Yea as far as the beta goes I really enjoyed it, like now I went from might get it to must buy!!

Michiel198972d ago

I don't think they will ever change the amount of skills you can carry, the game is also for consoles and would work way less well on them if so. I don't like that either but it's whatever.

What I would like to see changed is how the skilltree works, this would somewhat also function as an extra ability slot. Now you HAVE to put a certain amount of skills in a group before being able to advance to the next, I really dislike that. It makes every build pretty straightforward, you have to get a generator, it's not fun. I would love it if they removed that limitation at the endgame (they might already do this, but I doubt it). If I can for example keep up my resource I need with items or other skills, it would be really nice to not have to waste points on a generator. Maybe only remove that restriction for the generator part, because otherwise things would probably become wacky, but in the 2nd part there are already passives to use, so at least you'll be able to spend your points on something beneficial.

I really liked the beta, I played a druid and he was kind of slow to start off, but I found a pretty great tornado build with trample and the earth shield which gave me 33% mov speed cause unstoppable. I got quite fast clears already in the end. I also got pretty fucking lucky with my item drops ngl

dumahim72d ago

I thought that was odd. Didn't one of the prior games have a button for pulling up a second line of skills? Like X is for one skill, but if you hold R1 it'd be a different skill? Might be a different game I'm thinking of.

Michiel198972d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Could be, I never played it on console, but having unlimited available slots when there is crossplay won't be happening. Pc players will have too much of an advantage.

Also don't forget that all class will be able to have all passives at all time then, it would having to choose skills mundane and items with +1 to all skills of a tree way too broken

Anomander72d ago

I thought the D2 Remake had the LT modifier to expand the skills? I'm fairly sure Grimm Dawn allows more than 6 as well. They can still add more just but doing button combos. X+Y, A+B, and RB+LB, not to mention moving the dodge from B to to the right control sick which is not even utilized.

It just seems weird that they have these great skill trees and item drops giving you more skills and then capping it. Granted beta only allowed you to get to Lvl 25, so who knows what end game looks like, but I'm guessing we are stuck with it. I know this has been talked about on the D4 forums so hopefully the developers are reading.

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Viljong72d ago

If there are any microtrans which give you an advance over those who dont pay2win i wont buy

Stanjara72d ago

There are... Every three months new season battlepass.

Anomander72d ago

Battle pass is just going to be Cosmetic items..
Everything you need to know..

Viljong71d ago

It may be cosmetic at first so people buy the game then they start adding pay2win elements after release.

Kaii72d ago

Concerning factors being baseline skills being terrible unless you equip legendaries, the paragon system is just stat increases.
Druid/Barb - Trash & before someone says legendaries change the experience, they had buffed drop rates for beta & like my above statement, Items shouldn't be the 80% and player 20%.
Sorc/Necro are basically in their own league.

The World Boss event was awkward, my last attempt on Sunday was met with instanced players who were 15-19 throwing default casts and pulling up the beach chair -_-
This build or should I say "beta" was available 2-3 months ago to certain press outlets so I don't get why the lvling experience was "that" different from necro/druid In the open & don't even get me started with the skeletons looking out of place.

6 skills best not be the limit due to hardware constraints with last gen, I HOPE it's somehow balance related and not 7*12=84 abilities In boss areas.
Rogue/sorc/necro/rogue 7th slot would've opened me up to expand my arsenal.

Nobody should mention backtracking In arpg's >.< Just chew your way forward, certain dungeons objectives were/are tedious, don't expand my playtime by some asshole bat hovering in the corner In the 3rd room or w.e.

3 Concerns > *Itemization>class play *6 skills ./ugh > *Dungeon objectives getting tedious
& RIP to druid players trying to kill goblins this weekend :p

rippermcrip72d ago

6 skills has nothing to do with console limitations. The game has always been like that. With a Playstation or Xbox controller you literally have 12 buttons (counting the dpad), so they would easily go above 6 if they wanted. That isn't even counting using like L1 as a modifier.

They don't want you to be able to use a ton of skills. They want your build to be a decision you have to make.

Goosejuice72d ago

I personally think the ultimate skill should have its own button not on the skill bar so u can get 1 more skill. The ultimate with its cooldown almost feels like it's just taking up space that u could have used for extra cc or defence spell.

Also druid suckkkkkkkkksssss. At least for now, idk about endgame but it's just not fun to play. Druid was one of my faves in D2 so it's sad to see it how it is now.

Elda72d ago

I enjoyed it. A definite day-one buy for me.

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