5 Recent Games That Disappeared After Being Announced

It’s relatively common for studios to go quiet after their game is initially announced because they are hard at work on creating the best game they possibly can. With the sheer volume of updates about games in various stages of active development, it’s easy for some updates to go unnoticed. With these five games, they haven’t just gone unnoticed because there haven’t been any updates.

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shinoff218372d ago

They all sound interesting to me except the first one. Pragmata is one I'm looking forward to the most.

VenomUK72d ago

I’m still lamenting that WiLD never was released

J-DARKnes72d ago

Little devil inside should be on this list too, have not heard anything about it since it was announced.

badz14971d ago

no thanks to some entitled nobody on Twitter screaming racism, now the game is back to the drawing board, at least for the enemy design.

J-DARKnes70d ago

Really? I don't use Twitter so I don't have a clue what be going there, but that's a shame.

Pego72d ago

Beyond Good and Evil 2. (<_>)

Aussiesummer71d ago

A game set in Kolkata was always going to sell like hot…..naans. Does the gameplay loop involve telephone scamming old people out of their life savings? A quick time event were you quickly switch your wiping hand for your eating hand?.

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