Hogwarts Legacy Becomes Second Best Selling Retail PS5 Game in Japan

Hogwarts Legacy has become the second best-selling retail game on PlayStation 5 in Japan. According to the latest sales figures, Gran Turismo 7 tops the list with 298,945 copies sold, followed by Hogwarts Legacy with 154,174 copies sold.

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jonny89763d ago

Microsoft must acquire the retailers in Japan

Outside_ofthe_Box63d ago

That's how they step up their game and is the only way to stop the monopoly in Japan.

SullysCigar62d ago

They should just buy Japan. It's the only way to stop evil Sony's popularit- um, I mean monopoly.

Joking aside, it seems weird for Hogwarts to be so popular out there. It doesn't fit their usual leaning, but fair play, it's a great game.

S2Killinit62d ago

Haha hope that was sarcasm

62d ago
GhostScholar62d ago

But Sony fans?!?!?! I thought only exclusives matter?

Eonjay62d ago

Why did you think that only exclusives matter and why are you asking 'Sony fans'.

TheEnigma31362d ago

Ummm who said this? Salty MS can't produce exclusives?

repsahj61d ago

Fixed! XD

"But Sony fans?!?!?! I thought exclusives matter?"

Falloutxii61d ago

It's basically an exclusive in Japan, no one owns an Xbox there.

FinalFantasyFanatic61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Sony fans with all the games, plus their exclusives: "Sorry, what's going on again?"

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kingnick61d ago

I would have thought Elden Ring would have sold more then 141,741 copies. Horizon Forbidden West has done well considering it's not really the type of game that has mass appeal for Japanese audiences.