Former GTA Lead Unveils Episodic AAA Title MindsEye

Build a Rocket Boy reveals the first teaser of MindsEye, an episodic AAA project that will be exclusive to Everywhere.

Eonjay69d ago

Has anyone heard of 'Everywhere' platform before? Is it like a launcher or storefront? It is described as a multiverse. That isn't helpful and only leaves me more confused lol. Mindseye looks great though.

Profchaos69d ago

No clue could be a game series type deal I doubt it's a platform in and of itself as it says everywhere is coming to more platforms after PC so no way they mean mobile given that level of fidelity

SenorFartCushion69d ago (Edited 69d ago )

It’s a game from the old Rockstar head but it’s spoken of like it’s a platform. So the base game will essentially be a giant, interactive menu.

It sounds like Dreams but you don’t make the games, someone else does.

It’s sounds plausible for a platform but the turnover, especially in this day and age, sounds like it could be a developer’s nightmare.

porkChop68d ago

I could be wrong but here's how I've interpreted it. Everywhere is like a metaverse hub-world, likely in the vein of GTA. It'll have multiple games attached to it, with MindsEye being the first "campaign". Think of something like Roblox, or maybe PS Home. You can socialize with other players, probably play mini games, etc. But you can actually seamlessly enter into AAA games within that world/platform.

It's the first and only metaverse project that actually sounds interesting, and seems like they know what they're doing. Leslie Benzies is behind it. He was the producer of the GTA series, so he knows a thing or two about making games.

anast68d ago

I might check this out. Thanks for the info.

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